Super Cooch


    The emblem used by the Cuccinelli PAC is cartoonish in an eerie way. You wonder if it isn’t emblazoned on a spandex undergarment. While the Attorney General is free to do what he wants with his time off the job, he ought to do the people’s business during work hours.

    Part of that business is consumer protection. Here is a portion of his office’s online resource available regarding consumer fraud on the state website.

    Preventing Consumer Fraud Tips

    • Always take your time when making a financial decision.
    • Don’t be afraid to say no.
    • Never give your credit card number out over the phone unless you initiate the call.
    • Beware of give-aways and free prizes. There may be a catch.
    • Offers that sound too good to be true usually are.
    • Report consumer fraud to Attorney General McDonnell and Local Police.

    Apparently Ken hasn’t been in the office enough for everyone to notice he’s the new boss. McDonnell is identified twice as the AG on this page alone. Beyond that, if this is the best that an entire legal staff can muster regarding consumer fraud, you have to wonder if they even know enough to protect themselves, much less the citizens of the commonwealth. But in their defense, it is doubtful that there has been much emphasis on this area of the office’s responsibilities during the past five years.

    Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that more than a thousand have signed up for the Webcast Town Hall Meeting Wednesday a week from tomorrow.  Maybe he’ll explain how if he is not using government resources to pursue this personal agenda why he is using the office of Attorney General to advance his PAC. And take the opportunity to introduce himself to his staff.  

    • VADEM

      someone should do a FOIA request to see how he’s spending his AG budget. I bet we’d find all kinds of problems with that. His stupid lawsuits-that only cost $350.00- his speeches and travel to wingnut affairs paid for by us. We’d see how all the lawyers in his office are using their time on what and for how much.

      It would be an eye opener I bet.

    • kindler

      Able to leap over law, science, logic and common sense in a single bound!  Caped Christian crusader, champion of the powerful over the powerless!  Wing nut by day, uh, wing nut by night!  

      Actually, if he sold comic books to support his ideological obsessions — as opposed to commandeering my tax dollars to do it — I’d be a whole lot happier…