Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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After Flooding Saturday Night, More Rain Last Night, Staunton’s Republican Mayor Says to Consider...

by Dan Sullivan Newly minted Staunton Mayor Andrea Oakes (R) offered that sage advice ("It's not a bad idea to go ahead and contact your...

Inept Response to Staunton Flood by Republican City Council and Mayor [UPDATED]

UPDATED (from the Staunton government website): "The City of Staunton continues to actively respond to the flooding resulting from severe rainfall last night.  Please...

Staunton: It Was Thieves In the Night and COVID-19

Those who wonder what happened in Staunton this week are the same bunch who will wake up this November as shocked as they were...

What Was Jesus’s Deductible?

I have spent most of the past four years educating and assisting consumers with healthcare insurance access and decisions. My social science background includes...

COVID-19 Legal Advice From the BRLS Executive Director

I am providing the following (with minor edits in italics for this audience) from John Whitfield, the Executive Director and General Counsel of Blue...

Virginia Suspends Job Application Requirements for UI

This only makes sense. Virginians applying for unemployment benefits will not be required to continue to adhere to the requirement to submit two job...

Potentially 500,000 Newly Medicaid Eligible: DMAS Will Fumble

by Dan Sullivan Virginia is two consecutive Democratic Administrations in and there is a single distinguishing attribute: governance in malaise. Senator Deeds used to say...

Richmond and the Barney Fife of Public Safety

by Dan Sullivan If past is prelude, Governor Northam will head out on vacation with his family to the Eastern Shore, and Brian Moran will...

Video: Virginia Cannabis Dispensing Facts

by Dan Sullivan Following the presentation by PharmaCann about medical cannabis in Virginia published here yesterday, the attendees were invited to ask questions. Unfortunately, there...

Video: “Legitimitized” Cannabis Grows in Virginia

by Dan Sullivan Parents desperate to relieve their children’s suffering or abate the symptoms of autism and epilepsy have cried for the decriminalization of cannabis...
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