• Pain

    One of the better ads I’ve ever seen.  I love the coffee shot.

  • Dan Sullivan

    with a sense of humor that allows him to make fun of himself. Good combination you don’t find enough of in Congress.  

  • The Richmonder

    This is just a great ad!  It talks about Periello’s very real commitment to job creation while at the same time displaying a sense of humor.  Contrast this ad with all the angry, humorless, spittle-flecked Republican ads featuring gun-toting Tea Party members  alluding darkly to the need for armed action against our Democratically elected government.

    Tom Periello represents the very best the Democratic Party has to offer nationally.  He’s among the hardest working legislators in Washington, DC, but he’s never lost sight of the fact that he’s working for the Virginians of the 5th Congressional District.  I think the voters of the 5th District are going to reject the kind of violent Tea Party Republican rhetoric and stick with Tom Periello.