Congratulations Sen. McEachin. The Rest of This List? Not So Much.


    Congratulations to Sen. Donald McEachin (D-Richmond), one of the best public servants in Virginia, for being named to Style Weekly’s Power List 2010. McEachin clocks in at #37, with Style Weekly writing:

    A liberal Democrat is a strange candidate to ride the coattails of conservative activist Ken Cuccinelli (No. 43), but lawyer and state Sen. Don McEachin has parlayed himself into the Republican establishment’s critic-in-chief and expanded his profile over the national airwaves. He’s pushed back on the opposition party’s handling of issues including health care and climate change. He’s already run for statewide office and lost, but he’ll be back.

    That’s great news and I’m really glad to see it. As for the rest of the list? The CEO of Dominion Power, Thomas Farrell, #1? Rep. Eric Cantor #4? Gov. Bob McDonnell #6? Del. Kirkland Cox #25? Attorney General Ken Kook-inelli # 39?  McDonnell Senior Economic Advisor Robert Sledd #50?  Not so much.

    • im1

      You gotta give the man credit for clocking in at #44 for saving some Virginia gun laws. Also at the sub-committee hearing where all the crazy laws (e.g. firearms made and kept in VA not subject to Federal laws) went down, he was hilarious in an “I’m old but I can still kick your ass” kinda way. I think he might have actually said, “My dear uneducated Republican whipper-snappers, I assure you the Civil War and numerous other legal decisions have made the supremacy clause quite clear.”