Democratic Party sets record straight on Virginia surplus


    Thank you, DPVA — more like this! (Note: Also, there’s this minor matter of raiding the state pension system of hundreds of millions of dollars — smoke and mirrors, in other words, like almost all “conservative” economics)

    The Democratic Party of Virginia responded today to Governor McDonnell’s announcement of Virginia’s budget surplus.

    In September of 2009, as covered by the Washington Post, Governor Kaine cut approx $1.35 billion from the Commonwealth’s budget.  (See background  #1 & #2, and the Governor’s official spending cuts in #3)  Then again in December of 2009 he again made difficult spending cuts (see document #4).

    Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw stated, “This surplus is the work of the General assembly money committees working on the recommendations of Governor Kaine.  The current Governor had little or nothing to do with cutting the state’s budget that led to this surplus.

    “Governor Kaine did the heavy lifting on this budget,” stated Democratic Party Chairman Dick Cranwell, “it was his leadership that has allowed the state to weather the worst financial disaster since the great depression.  Governor McDonnell failed to propose a single significant budget cutting amendment to this budget.  Virginians need to remember which Governor stepped up to address those fiscal challenges and which Governor failed to show leadership.”

    Attempting to give McDonnell credit for the surplus, Congressman Eric Cantor stated yesterday that “If America is to get its fiscal house in order, Washington needs to learn from the bold actions taken in Virginia by Governor McDonnell .”  

    In response to State Senator Dick Saslaw today said, “Eric Cantor has obviously learned nothing from his years in Richmond or he would have known that the budget bill that lead to this surplus was submitted by the outgoing Governor and that Bob McDonnell had nothing to do with it.”


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