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The “Wild West”: What It’s Come To


The Oakland Police Dept has announced essentially, “Don’t call us.” According to an NBC affiliate here the list of crimes for which you can expect no response in Oakland are these:

Here’s a partial list:

• burglary

• theft

• embezzlement

• grand theft

• grand theft:dog

• identity theft

• false information to peace officer

• required to register as sex or arson offender

• dump waste or offensive matter

• discard appliance with lock

• loud music

• possess forged notes

• pass fictitious check

• obtain money by false voucher

• fraudulent use of access cards

• stolen license plate

• embezzlement by an employee (over $ 400)

• extortion

• attempted extortion

• false personification of other

• injure telephone/ power line

• interfere with power line

• unauthorized cable tv connection

• vandalism

• administer/expose poison to another’s

Feel safer yet?  

Across this nation, many communities are struggling to provide basic services.  And Oakland is not alone is cutting back on dealing with non-violent crimes.  So, apparently, criminals in some communities can do whatever, so long as they don’t physically hurt someone?  We are providing police protection in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And yet here in America we are losing basic community functions Americans depend upon. Something is very wrong with our nation’s priorities.

As if the facts themselves are not bad enough, this has watch-out-for-Blackwater written all over it.  By that I mean that Blackwater, and other firms like it, can be expected to try to opportunistically swoop in. And one thing that should not be privatized is police protection.  Not ever.

  • Mike1987

    This is important news and should be shown in every paper, blog, and tv show. I want to see exposes on what the real cost to communities of Oakland, Colorado Springs, and Philadelphia when essential services are cut because we don’t want to pay for them (or so we think). When you want more money in your pocket, you end up paying a much higher price than you ever expected.

    Somewhere, we as a nation have lost our collective common sense.  We have become the something for nothing wal-mart nation. Cheap, cheaper, and better yet free. Yet local and municipal workers are left out of the equation and we think roads are magically repaired, fires somehow are dowsed, and criminals walk into jail themselves.  

    America needs to see what the real cost will be. The “upper middle class” and “middle class” don’t realize we don’t have the money for private security and extra insurance. We also can’t spend our waking hours clinging to our guns in front of our doors because of lawlessness outside.

    No, this is great news – this needs to be reported and shown (like a mirror) to America. We need to see the precipice, the abyss.

  • blue bronc

    Colorado Springs has been working hard to have no taxes. And the results are very pleasing to some!

    Thinking Out of the Box May Save City!

    This is article is from the right wing “. . . drown in a bathtub.” perspective.  The idea that a major U.S. city should survive on charity is nuts.

    The truth is Colorado Springs is failing and failing hard. If you want a street light lit in your neighborhood you have to pay for it. There is no “general welfare” as mentioned in the Constitution.

    Oakland is only a few steps behind Colorado Springs.

  • Teddy Goodson

    in the next budget cycle under a Republican Governor is pretty much like Colorado Springs. But, what the hey! if you have been so lacksadaisical that you haven’t made enough money to pay for a personal body guard, or to dig a well for your water, or to hire a tutor for your kids, then you deserve to suffer. Even in the supposedly dark middle ages, churches and rich nobles provided health care clinics. No more of this stealing from the prudent and giving their money to the lazy, which is what taxes are: theft. (snark)

    (what happens in Colorado when your street light falls over, or the water mains leak and water is cut off, or a bridge collapes?)

    We already have gated communities. Soon they will really be walled, and fortified. This will cure urban sprawl all right.

  • DanielK

    I think it’s safe to say that politicians, usually hard core conservatives who maintain the ideology of “No next tax increases” or whatever else they are saying are so deep with their heads in the sand that it clouds any possible, rational assessment of dire situations, like public safety (police and fire).  Oakland is a perfect example.  Now, some of those crimes are not high priority and are usually handled by specialty detectives or investigators i.e. embezzlement, fraud cases and other things.  However, there are some that baffle me beyond belief.  A criminal is breaking into one’s home and the police won’t come. You care window gets smashed out and someone is attempting to steal your car; the police won’t come. Failing to register as a sex offender; give it a few days and maybe an officer will respond.  These instances should disgust anyone with any rational sense of public safety.  However, “no tax increase” politicians are blind to this fact because to pay for these functions taxes would have to be increased to make up the gap.  Collin Powell said it best and to paraphrase: How can you hate taxes?  If you hate taxes then you hate having good roads, good public education and good public safety?  I hold that same sentiment.  

    Oakland and many jurisdictions have to already work in hostile environments with increased police-citizen tensions.  Officers are overworked and underpaid through furlough, lay-offs and everything else required of them to balance budgets.  Someone eventually must hold these politician’s feet to the fire and ask when will you take you head out of the sand and realize that in some instances, not all, that raising taxes do our society some good when core functions are best performed by the government.  

    I also agree that this will be an open invitation for private, for-profit public safety industries to come in and get their hands on this.  All in all, not good for the public!