A Great Day in America


    Yesterday was a great day for our Country.

    Two years after reckless speculation and inadequate regulation nearly destroyed our economy, Congress took action to make sure it will never happen again. Consumers have the strongest protections ever, and taxpayers will never again be asked to bail out banks that are “too big to fail.”

    Yesterday, B.P. also completed a promising first test of the well cap. For the first time since April, oil appears to have stopped flowing into the Gulf. I join millions of Americans in hoping that the drilling of the secondary well is successful and that relief from this disaster is permanent.

    These are not Democratic victories. These are not Republican victories. These are American victories. All of us should take pride in the continuing vigilance of Gulf cleanup workers, and the courage and commitment of the Congressmen and Senators who advanced the important financial reform legislation.  

    We accomplished two tremendously significant things yesterday. In a very real sense, however, Thursday’s accomplishments are but the beginning of two long journeys: a painful process of healing for the devastated Gulf region, and a challenging series of changes in the financial world. We must remain vigilant to ensure that this week’s progress translates to permanent gain.

    What do you think? Now that we have halted the flow of oil (hopefully for good) and passed landmark Wall St. reform, what steps should Congress take to deliver on the promise of healing and reform? Let me know in the comments section.  


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