Two New Ads Illustrate Why Rick Boucher Will Win Reelection


    The following two TV ads for Rep. Rick Boucher (D-9th) – combined with the fact that he has the money to run them, and others like them – demonstrate why he’s likely to hold his seat in November.  The first ad wisely emphasizes that “Southwest Virginia means everything to [Boucher],” as well as his hard work bringing “good jobs” to the region.  The second ad stresses his vote against health care reform legislation and his support for coal. It doesn’t make progressives like me happy in the least bit (in fact, the second ad really pisses me off), but that’s exactly the point – Boucher isn’t trying to get my vote, he’s trying to win re-election in the  more conservative 9th CD.  Which he likely will do, 3 1/2 months frm now.

    h/t: Virginia Politics blog

    UPDATE: Per another discussion on this blog, I’d say that Boucher’s ads are a classic example of people voting against their own economic self interest.  The fact is, health care reform greatly, disproportionately helps lower income people, those without health insurance, exactly the type of people who live in…Rick Boucher’s district!

    • Jim Webb Dem

      I don’t know what the Democratic Party term would be … but Mr. Boucher is a RINO. Of course you can’t be a RINO in the Republican Party anymore … there you have to be a Tea Bagger.

      Labeling is such a touchy issue …. What I want to know is … is Rick Boucher a “Dixiecrat” ? … a Charlie Daniels ” Redneck”? … or I hope that he’s a Jim Webb Dem.

      Just looking for reasonable people to run for office …. people who put the good of others ahead of themselves and their own personal gain. I like the first advert where … Rick Boucher seems like a very decent man…. who should have voted for Health Care reform.

      If you want to reduce the deficit it comes down to a few basic things …. END THE WARS … Reform Health Care … let the Bush Tax Cuts expire and promote new business growth (thru ENERGY Innovation). These are things Mr. Boucher should be for… and message / advertise such.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      My problem with the second ad is that Boucher is not telling the truth about so-called “deep cuts to Medicare.” There are no “deep cuts to Medicare.” The proposed savings in Medicare are to come mainly from lessening the ability of for-profit health insurance companies to game Medicare Advantage plans for a guaranteed double-digit profit. (It cost 19% more per patient under Medicare Advantage than under traditional Medicare.) Plus, right now, the hated prescription “doughnut hole” will gradually be eliminated under reform. Currently, a senior who has high prescription drug costs, has to pay $4500 each year out-of-pocket, with the amount adjusted annually for inflation. Do the arithmetic: a couple in the 9th District has to come up with $9000. Slowly but surely, that cost to seniors will be drastically reduced. The very people Boucher is likely to represent – older, sicker, with more chronic illnesses – will benefit most from that reform in Medicare Part D.

      One other problem with that ad. Since other Virginia Democrats in the House voted FOR health care reform, Boucher is using a Republican talking point to help himself to their detriment. Not smart!

    • martinlomasney

      Nate Silver has listed Rick as one of the 10 most valuable Ds because he’s holding a seat that should, by all measures, be on the other side of the aisle. Given that, it’s a surprise that Rick’s voting record is not the most conservative D. in the Congress.

      Nye is in a R+5, like Perriello, and has a more conservative record than Tom.

      If progressives want to complain about a Congressman, look at Connolly, in a D+2 district, but has a record more conservative than 53% of Democrats.

      I’m sending serious money to Boucher and Perriello. Nye and Connolly not so much.

    • TomPaine

      “I’d say that Boucher’s ads are a classic example of people voting against their own economic self interest.  The fact is, health care reform greatly, disproportionately helps lower income people, those without health insurance, exactly the type of people who live in…Rick Boucher’s district!”

      You are absolutely right, but many of these people do not really know their own best economic interests because the local media delude them into thinking otherwise. And the Republican talking point about the Democrats cutting Medicare costs are repeated by the local conservative media. Then there is the alleged “fact” that since our president is “black” he is only helping black people. Why do you thing that the Tea Party is so popular in rural areas? The only thing they are harvesting is the economic and cultural ignorance of the population and their latent racism.

      If Boucher spent all his time trying to educate his constituents about the real facts, he would be a sure loser this November; he has to appeal to their biases not their better natures if he wants to be reelected!  

    • As anyone who has spent any significant amount of time in their lives without an economic safety net, the very feeling of uncertainty often undermines your ability to make a plan or move forward.  You might hold on to a job that pays you below a living wage, because it offers you some access to catastrophic medical coverage.  You might not take a job in another part of the country because you have an aged parent who would be without affordable care if you left.  Perhaps you would like to take on a small business idea, but you cannot, because your special needs child requires nearly round the clock care.

      It isn’t enough to say that people vote against their self interest, and thus all we need to do is educate them.  This is where the book WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS falls flat for me.  Many people are simply frozen in a moment of their lives and can’t see a way out because we as a society have failed them, not because they don’t know enough.

      These issues become quickly acute in Appalachian areas where access to high paying jobs are all too scarce, internet and electronic resources are not up to par with those most of us here in NoVa take for granted, educational resources are harder to come by (many children are bused hours simply to get to school) and family — and all of the complications that come with it– is what keeps you alive and going every day.  

      All of these things make for a region that isn’t uninformed so much as it is constantly feeling as though the rug might be pulled out from them at any time. That makes it hard to know where is “self interest” and what is “best for me and mine and ours.”  Heck, make the situation stressful enough, and the ability for many of us to make decisions beyond our daily needs becomes difficult.  And yet people all over the United States live with this every day.