Video: NAACP Demands “Come Home to Jesus” Meeting with Jim Webb


    The Executive Director of the Virginia State Conference, King Salim Khalfani, explains why he is angry at the Tea Party movement and at Jim Webb for his op-ed on affirmative action. Among other things, Khalfani says that Webb “lied” on a number of fronts, including the title, the “myth of white privilege.” Something tells me, this debate isn’t going to end anytime soon.

    P.S. For more, see Decision Virginia. Excellent reporting by Ryan Nobles on this one!

    • Dan Sullivan

      How about a dignified discussion with this member of his organization?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The subheading in the interview above was meant to stir up something. Sen.Webb did not call for an end to affirmative action programs. He called for such programs to either address only the discrimination faced by African-American citizens…or be changed to allow some remedy that would make such programs based on income.

      I agree that he did not make his point clear. But, as was said in the interview above, Jim Webb is a life member of the Virginia NAACP. That’s not what some sort of racist would be.

    • NotJohnSMosby

      It’s nice to know that egomaniacs like  “King” Salim might have to actually go out and get real jobs someday.  The guy’s a complete ass hat for his letter and follow-up bullshit.

    • Damian Karras

      Maybe it’s just me, and I admittedly don’t have a good grasp on Khalfani’s history of service to the NAACP or Virginia, but this comes across as pretty opportunistic. As others have stated, Webb was partly trying to address the income gap (which poor whites feel as acutely as poor blacks, poor is poor these days). The other thing he was addressing was the number of foreign students who get favored under the current system, which could be going to US citizens. I’m not one of those anti-immigrant kooks roaming around out there, but I tend to like the idea of funding the education of people who aren’t going to take those skills to another country, especially if there’s financial assistance of any kind involved for them. Come here and get an education, continue to make our campuses rich in diversity, I appreciate it and think it makes Americans better people and better suited for the future, but we shouldn’t be giving those spots to non-citizens before we’re giving them to citizens to meet quotas etc. We definitely shouldn’t be paying (even the colleges shouldn’t be giving money to foreign students, as far as I’m concerned) for it unless we’ve got an agreement that they are going to stay and work for a certain predetermined period. We need better educated Americans if we’re going to have a chance in the future, and we need to start addressing that problem, here, now. These are not issues of black or white to me, but issues of the countries economic and political future. Webb was specifically saying African Americans should still be at the front of the line for affirmative action programs, and I agree with that. As a country, we still haven’t fully addressed the economic realities created by slavery and Jim Crow. He was speaking more to the number of non-American people who are falling under the auspices of affirmative action, which doesn’t do well for the United States.

      The decline of the American middle class is both a black and white issue, and something we need to address as quickly, creatively and effectively as we can. More of the last generation of blacks went from lower to middle class than ever before. Now, after thirty years of conservative economic policies, the middle class is disappearing, which is also a problem for blacks and whites.  

    • Jim Webb Dem

      This King Salim character … if not a ass hat is a racist. He wants to “call out” Webb as a liar (the NAACP thinks the Tea Party is racist)???

      In Jim Webb’s first book “Fields of Fire” … there’s a scene where a group of blacks (Marines) set up their own tent to be left alone except by their own kind … they won’t take orders. … That is of course until the Fierce 1st Sgt (African American) … goes into the tent and kicks some ass.

      Some how King Salim strikes me as one of the guys who would have sat in the tent challenging “whitey’s authority” .

      • tim3444

        In other words Black people are okay as long as they don’t speak their minds and call people out on their bullshit.    

        You seem to have a low “negro tolerance level”