AUSCS: “If Cuccinelli wants to see a Nativity scene, why doesn’t he put one in his front yard?”


    I know it’s shocking, but Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has stirred up controversy yet again. This time, it’s over the separation of church and state, and specifically Cooch’s opinion “that a locality can erect holiday Christmas displays on public property, as long as the displays are balanced to represent other faiths and secular beliefs.”

    Now, Americans United for Separation of Church and State – an alien concept to Cooch and his pals like “Sideshow Bob” Marshall – has weighed in, commenting that Cooch’s opinion “reads more like an op-ed than a legal advisory,” and predicting that it “is almost certain to lead to bitter community divisiveness.” There are lots of quotable quotes in press release by AUSCS, including my favorite, “If Cuccinelli wants to see a Nativity scene, why doesn’t he put one in his front yard at home?

    Well, at least crazy Eugene Delgaudio – yes, that guy! – is happy.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Perhaps Cooch meant that towns and cities could have a nativity scene where Santa and Rudolph join the wise men in adoring the Christ Child, while the Jewish parents of Jesus could have a menorah in front on the manger. That way, either Mary or Joseph could light a candle every night of Chanakah and put a little gift in the baby’s manger. Meanwhile, the Wiccans, with a prayer to Mother Earth, could put up a poster explaining that the only reason the birth of Christ is celebrated on December 25th is because of the pagan holiday of Saturnalia. Then, the Islamic community could come to the site of the scene and put up their poster explaining the meaning of the December holiday of Ashura (well, that’s for the Shia Muslims).

      Hey, the AG did say other faiths and beliefs…

    • Mike1987

      I want my winter solstice neolithic beliefs represented here as well. So where do I stick my pine figurines?

    • Old Redneck

      In the past couple of days, Kookynelly has issued opinions on abortion clinics and nativity scenes.  In both cases, he responded to requests from Del. Bob Marshall, WINGNUT-Prince William County.

      So this is how it works.  Marshall asks a question, Kooky replies with an answer straight out of Bob McDonnell’s masters thesis.

      Just wait — this game is only just beginning.  Next thing, Marshall will ask for an AG opinion on prayer and bible-reading in schools.  And you know what Kooky will say.

    • libra

      had his way, Mary would be riding an elephant, too.

      I love creches, always have, but they look best on church grounds.

    • blue bronc

      And, the early ‘gays do not deserve equality with humans’ decision.