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Cooch Admits He’s Already “Running the Next Election”


A very interesting exchange begins at 2:35 of this video.  Chuck Todd asks Ken Cuccinelli about the “appropriateness of the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Virginia in the middle of [the health care lawsuit]..simultaneously raising money and doing a political argument, basically raising a political profile at the same time.”  After blathering about federal “overexercise of power,” Chuck Todd jumps in and says “nobody’s questioning that…I’m just talking about the politics…about raising money off of your lawsuit.”  Cooch’s response:

Right, when I was running the campaign, I was raising money to run the campaign. The day after the election, I immediately start running the next election. I’m not a fool, I know I’m a target and I’m becoming a bigger target. So, we are attempting to defend ourselves, and at the same time the petition is an attempt to build public support…

In other words, as much as Cooch actually believes  in the causes he’s fighting for, he’s also a politician who is raising money and list building so he can run for Governor of Virginia in 2013. At least he’s honest about it — when pressed by a good reporter asking tough questions, anyway.

  • DanielK

    I honestly believe that Cooch thinks he is doing enough of his work in pushing his ideas and everything else as Attorney General and has a substantially larger platform as Attorney General.  I could definitely see him running for Governor in 2017 though.  Let’s just hope that we can get a good candidate to run for Governor so Dems have one office in the Richmond instead of none.  Although Corey Stewart would be someone good to take down and definitely not as difficult as Bolling was this last year. No one has been able to figure out the Cooch puzzle and doubt anyone will be able to anytime soon.

  • Shenandoah Democrat

    I can’t fathom living in Virignia with such regressive politicians. Cooch is one of the most backwards politicians in the country. I wouldn’t put anything past him that complies with his distorted views–very scary to me.

  • blue bronc

    First: He is just stating what every politician does. I have seen many politicians,unless actually retiring, are ready to run for re-election and/or the next office before the ballot count is final.

    Second: He is using his teabagging ways to set up his cred’s as a far right winger.  And, he is making sure he has his  hard core anti-gay, anti-government and anti-brown people label early. He must feel he has to be anti-Constitution to be a good governor or prez.

    Third: He is a chosen one by the R’s in power. He will now have years of free air time to spew his idiocy to the kool-aide drinkers.

    The best part of all of this is he gets to spend tax payer dollars on his witch hunts, his anti-government fights, his anti-science crusades, and his attacks against those who are not white and rich. He does not have to spend a dime and now faux news is building him up for his next election.

  • Tom

    Now that we don’t have to worry about Deeds at all or (I hope) another Brian Moran Carl Rove-style attack that would force a destructive primary, I believe Terry will have a strong and highly energized grassroots force that Cooch can’t counter,and his ego won’t let him pass up the opportunity to run for Governor. There is no way Cooch would even consider running for LG or for re-election as AG, his ego is much too huge. And McD. has to be the Virginia GOP “favorite son” preference for VP running mate, so Governor has to be the best Cooch can plan for after Governor. He knows he can’t wait until 2017 to run for governor, so his only other chance of higher office is U.S. Senator, and I think the only way he could have a chance for that seat is if Jim Webb decides not to run for re-election. So, my money is on Cooch being nominated to run against Terry for governor. I expect to see Terry driving one of his electric cars around Richmond right after he moves into the governor’s mansion.


  • Tom


  • kindler

    …and he would run for God if it were an elected position…