Voter Anger


    (Sadly, this is not surprising these days. – promoted by lowkell)

    I went to pick up some dry cleaning at the cleaners off of Ox Road, in Fairfax Station. While I was pulling out of the parking lot and waiting at the light, the man next to me made an indication that he wanted something.  Obligingly, I leaned over, rolled my window down (my car doesn’t have push button windows) and asked, “Can I help you?”

    He then yells, “Did you really vote for Obama?”

    (My car has bumper stickers of all kinds of Dems, and the Obama sticker is particularly sticky.)

    “Yes,” I answered him.  “I did.”

    He gets red in the face and screams (and I mean scream, and I’ve raised a two year old) “Thank you for destroying my country.”

    I smiled and said, “Any time.”

    Then we both drove away.  I did note that he was driving a new looking Mercedes, which obviously cost a whole lot more than my nearly 10 year old Saturn.  Maybe his notion of “destroying a country” is different from mine.

    But here’s the thing — I would never, in a hundred years, have said something like that to a  Republican during the worst of the Bush years (or the Reagan years, which I also lived through.)  And I think I’m someone who has been more sympathetic to voter anger than most — I think most emotion is valid simply because someone feels that way, whether I do or not.  But now I’m not so sure I should feel that way. Republicans talk a lot about their rights to think they way they want without criticism, and I’ve always defended those rights.  

    But what about my right to pick up my dry cleaning in my own neighborhood without being screamed at?  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Unfortunately, those people never learned to lose gracefully. Instead, they feel somehow that they should always win. However, if we all work hard enough, they will have to learn how to lose gracefully…or learn how to live with the diseases caused by living in a perpetual state of anger.

    • Jim B

      Every time I see one of those McCain/Palin bumper stickers still on some people’s car or truck I want to scream like the dude in the Benz, but out where I live they are probably armed.  

    • martinlomasney

      the least you can say is “thank you'”

    • libra

      “Any time” reply was pluperfect; I’ll try to remember it for my own encounters of “that” kind… 🙂

      • normanva

        Cursed with being an old white guy in a conservative Church, I know more of these folks then most. It’s a lot more than being sore losers.  These are more like brainwashed suckers.  They listen to some combination of limbaugh, palin, fox news, conservative talk radio.  They mainly talk to their other friends who listen to the same programs.  They all can quote talking points on command. I can’t seem to get through to them that the republicans and talkers want them to be mad.  After all, folks as mad as hell will faithfully send money, show up to vote, and do your dirty work.  Unfortunately brainwashed angry folks also can attack those who are only picking up dry cleaning.  

    • gg2landy

      is a frightening event in and around the 5th and 6th CD. I have been flipped off, had people rubber neck me as they passed and one guy leaned nearly his whole torso out of the passenger side window to look.

      PLUS…they are definitely armed down here especially while driving to the firing range near me!

    • Libra, I did wonder about the driving. But because I had dry cleaning hanging up, not obscuring my view, but not making it as easy to drive as usual, I was being MORE polite and MORE solicitous to other cars in the lot!

      Honestly?  In a way you have to feel sorry for anyone who gets so enraged by bumper stickers (Dem or Repub) that you feel the need to scream at strangers through car windows. Imagine how angry and miserable they must feel all the time to keep that up?  Not the life I would want!

    • Yes, I think everyone who read my post thought I was “unnerved” and trying to take freedom of speech rights away!  

      How about, if you don’t want people like me writing about how uncivilized some members of your party are, don’t scream at me in parking lots?