Another Budget Hypocrite


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    Move over Eric Cantor and John Kyl – another Republican Member of Congress is trying to join the deficit hypocrite hall of fame!

    This time it’s Randy Forbes from Virginia’s 4th Congressional District.  Using franking (i.e. – taxpayer money) to get his message out to * ahem * voters, that he wants to spend less taxpayer money (or at least he wants Democrats to spend less taxpayer money).

    Take a look at these mailers that went out across the district this past week (highlighting added by me):



    That little highlighted bit on the back page – it says “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense”.  At least you didn’t waste much ink writing that little side note Mr. Forbes – it’s barely legible!

    The plus-side to all this: I suppose Randy Forbes doesn’t need to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate PACs if he relies on taxpayers to pay for his election-year mailings.  Oh wait, he does that anyways.

    Sick of right-wing deficit peacocks who demonize government spending (as long as it’s not their own)?  Fortunately there’s an alternative: LeGrow for Congress in Virginia’s 4th Congressional District

    -Antonio M. Elias

    Campaign Manager

    LeGrow for Congress

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