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Bob McDonnell’s Closed Press Events Next Week


Just thought you’d be interested to know what Bob McDonnell’s up to next week. Given that all of the following are closed to the press, unfortunately you won’t be finding out much, if anything, about what happens. Ah, Democracy.

*Sunday-Tuesday (9/19-9/21): “Governor McDonnell Attends RGA 2010 Ohio Policy Summit” in Cincinnati, OH

*Monday (9/20): Governor McDonnell Attends Fundraiser for John Kasich, Republican Candidate for Governor of Ohio, at The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills in Batavia, Ohio

*Tuesday (9/21):  Governor McDonnell Attends Fundraiser for Rep. Roy Blunt Republican Candidate for Senate at the Missouri University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO

*Wednesday (9/22): Governor McDonnell Attends Fundraiser for Jim Keet, Republican Candidate for Governor of Arkansas, at the Capitol Hill Club (300 1st Street, SE, Washington, DC)

*Wednesday (9/22):  Governor McDonnell Attends Fundraiser for State Sen. Robert Hurt, Republican Candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District (Private Residence, McLean, VA)

It’s great to see that Bob McDonnell is spending all of his time fighting for jobs, focused like a laser beam on the economy, working hard to get Virginia out of its recession, fixing the transportation mess, etc. Wait, he’s not doing any of those things? Instead, he’s spending his time raising money for “Party of No” candidates and attending “Party of No” policy summits? And none of these are open to the press, so no questions asked?  Oh well.

  • blue bronc

    The movement by the Republicans to hide in closed events, even the ones that are “open” and paid for by we the taxpayers (see bush the tiny cod), is very terrible. Are they really hiding from the “liberal” media? Or is it most likely that one or two of them can see how stupid and idiotic their speech is?

    They must be ashamed of their own words. Or, maybe they are doing the plotting of illegal actions?  Considering the legal beagle (need better word, I do not want to denigrate beagles) has already stated his preference to live under King George III and return us to British colonial rule.  There might be the possibility they are digging out the old red coats and britches to plot how to do that.

    Since many of them refuse to accept a black man running our country, and publicly state they doubt the legitimacy of our president, what they are doing behind closed doors must really stink!  

  • Randy Klear

    Kudos to the Gov and Hurt for looking after the state’s bottom line. Even better, they’re doing it before privatization reduces the state’s cash flow.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Hey, the “Old Whig Party,” the party of oligarchy and wealth, feels absolutely no need to inform the less deserving masses about what their “betters” are doing.

    Added to that, is the realization by them that the GOP has no real philosophy left after their misrule for eight long years blew up the economy and revealed the blind greed behind their mantra of “free markets,” and their devotion to wars of convenience.

    They don’t know what to say that is positive, so they preach to the choir, while appealing to fear and prejudices of all kinds.