Delaware Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate Talks Masturbation


    Seriously, Christine O’Donnell is the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from Delaware after she won tonight’s primary over Mike Castle. That immediately moves this race from “likely Republican” to at least “lean Democratic,” and may end up saving the U.S. Senate for the Democrats. All I can is, “thank you Sarah Palin, and thank you Tea Party!” LOL

    P.S. Christine O’Donnell almost – ALMOST – makes Ken Cuccinelli seem sane. But not quite.

    • pvogel

      Anybody in High school age wanna-be who wants a political career better know this by now…..

    • VA Blogger

      to O’Donnell.  

    • libra

      said on Saturday, about O’Donnell closing in on Castle: and Democrats went on their knees and praised Jesus 🙂

      Lamontagne, in New Hampshire is still holding onto his lead over Ayotte, which could give us another another clueless Teabagger to bash. Too bad that St $arah’s pick in MD’s gubernatorial stakes is getting creamed…

    • libra

      on the Tea (Gunsmoke flavor?) Party’s primary rifle: Paladino over Lazio, in NY. It being NY and Cuomo as the Dem, I don’t think it matters as much as the Delaware upset, but… Lamontagne (the perfect Pee-Potty and $arah’s Pick) is holding strong in New Hampshire, over the Somewhat Saner Ayotte.

      Too bad St $arah’s Pick isn’t making any headway in MD (gubernatorial stakes). But then MD has always been fairly reasonable…

    • Say What

      Really is a turn on … I mean this lady is a Mama Grizzly to lust for. I can see why her Den Mother was so happy to endorse her.

      But alas… my better Angels tell me to avoid this political pornography called the tea-potty and look to candidates who actually have a clue as to how most people live and work (hopefully they have work).

    • DanielK

      Last night I heard from numerous sources on the news media that the National GOP wasn’t going to be putting any money into her race as they view it was a lost cause, and given the recent video I know agree.  But more importantly, the issue about financial help might be correct as you can’t even access her website unless you donate money.  I looked for an end around on it as many campaign sites have ways to skip to the website if you don’t wish to donate but her’s does not.  Maybe the only way you can see her site now is if you give money and that could be indicative of a desperate need for money, especially considering she has little cash on hand left after the primary!

    • antonio_m_elias

      Because where I come from (or, at least the crazy reactionary wing of where I come from) – the Roman Catholic Church – the song “One of Us” was considered heretical, or something.

      That is what they’re playing in the background of that video right?

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      she asks, “then, why am I in the picture?”  Indeed.  You could generalize that to: Why is she in the public arena at all?  And what kind of voters would select her?  That’s a rhetorical question.  I won’t get into that.  

      I second the suggestion in a comment above that, while it is in some ways great to have upped the odds of keeping the DE seat, it is troubling that one of the two major parties in this country has gone down this road.