Kookinelli for President?


    Don’t laugh, Virginia’s nightmare really could become America’s (and the world’s) nightmare soon enough.

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) will next week head to Alabama and, more interestingly, to Iowa to campaign with Republican candidates for attorney general.

    The outspoken Virginia conservative, who is suing the Obama administration over the federal health-care law and EPA greenhouse gas regulations, has been in increasing demand nationally from Republican candidates and organizations.

    His political action committee will announce Monday that he’ll campaign for Republican Brenna Findley in Iowa on Oct. 4 and Republican Luther Strange in Alabama on Oct. 5. Neither trip involves taxpayer money.

    If he travels to New Hampshire, South Carolina or Nevada in coming weeks, I’ll really start to worry. For now, though, this is bad enough.

    • Dan Sullivan

      All the howling Republicans did about Kaine’s travel and this throw-away “Neither trip involves taxpayer money” is supposed to make all well? Did Helderman craft that or was she spoon fed?

      Of course it involves taxpayer money…he’s on the state payroll.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      delusional behavior. BTW, will he talk to his pretend elephant and pose for pictures with it when he goes to Iowa?

    • blue bronc

      I expected him to do the gov thing so he could really destroy Virginia before running in 2014 for prez. Really get those credentials dirtied up so all the teabaggers would know him.

      With a couple of early loses to Huckabee and Palin he should be good to run.

    • … the more “in demand” you are with the GOP these days. What could more could Ken do? Promise to stop America from having sex?  

    • Teddy Goodson

      for national Attorney General in a future Republican administration (rather than the number one spot), and working toward President eventually? Or, a seat on the Supreme Court?

    • The Question

      No seriously, is anyone in Iowa or Alabama paying attention to this guy?

      And if they are, are they actually concerned when they hear him speak?