George Allen on the November Elections


    George Allen has reactivated his Federal PAC and is throwing support to Virginia Congressional candidates. He believes that best shots for Virginia Republicans are in the 2nd and 5th, but that Fimian and Murray have chances. Nationally, he sees seven, maybe eight pickups in the US Senate; but four certain.

    In comments at a Virginia Beach Republican breakfast this past Saturday, Allen indicated he isn’t optimistic that the majority Party in the Senate will change this November. He seems to allow that the victories of the tea party favorites in Delaware and Nevada have diminished the chance for a Republican majority and may have allowed the Democrats the Senate votes to act during a lame duck session.

    Without Castle as the candidate, he expressed Delaware is probably lost. Had Castle been the candidate, he would likely have won and another Republican would have been seated immediately, under Delaware law. The two other seats that will be filled immediately are Illinois and West Virginia.

    Allen’s locks:

    • North Dakota – Hoeven
    • Indiana – Coates
    • Arkansas – Boozman
    • Pennsylvania – Toomey

    Allen’s seeming favorite and something of a philosophical soulmate is Florida’s Marco Rubio. A Rubio win would not be a pickup, so he is not among the four additional seats Allen sees as possible additions.

    Allen’s possibles:

    • Connecticut
    • West Virginia
    • Wisconsin
    • Colorado
    • Washington
    • California

    California, he believes, could turn on Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial candidacy. A victory over “Governor Moonbean,” as he refers to the former and possibly future Governor Brown, may benefit Barbara Boxer’s opponent, Carly Fiorina. As for Nevada, Angle remains an unlikely winner. Nevada does not require a simple majority, so a run-off is not in the offing and there are a number of third party candidates along with the opportunity to vote “none of the above.” Rand Paul, he is certain, will keep the Kentucky seat Republican. As for President Obama’s old seat: the Republican Kirk, Allen thinks, may sneak in.

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