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Virginia About to Hold an Execution. Where’s Bob McDonnell?


Tonight at 9 pm, Virginia is scheduled to execute Teresa Lewis, a woman with the mental capacity of a 12-14 year old. Whether you agree with this or not – and I certainly do not! – you’d think that Bob McDonnell would be at his desk tonight, just in case a last-minute, emergency petition or something came in, or just because this is a solemn moment for the Commonwealth that Bob McDonnell leads as governor. Also, I’d point out that Bob McDonnell is largely responsible for this execution going forward, and could stop it even now.  So what’s he up to tonight?  According to his public schedule, he’s addressing the Richmond Academy of Medicine this evening, from 7 pm until ???.  After that, it’s hard to tell what he’s up to, since he has a tendency to hide his private schedule, fundraisers and stuff like that.  Anyway, the bottom line is that Bob McDonnell should be at his desk right now, and shouldn’t move from there until this execution is completed. What do you think?

UPDATE: Here’s a description of the event Bob McDonnell’s attending tonight.

…The meeting opens with cocktails in Evans Court followed by dinner in the Marble Hall…At the seated dinner, immediately following the cocktail hour, Governor McDonnell will address the health care challenges the Commonwealth faces as it adapts to federal health care changes… The September 23 meeting is open to RAM members. Member reservations are required. Please email your RSVP to Vicki Foster . Guest fee is $40. Cancellation fee is $75.

  • blue bronc

    She couldn’t pay the necessary campaign donation – she dies. I suppose that is a going to be on his resume – “Killer of women”.

  • Venu

    I feel like we got worked up over nothing. A murder dies. So what? The real issue here is how the death penalty is a giant mess. It drains legal resources has taken years to resolve in court, not to mention the fact that it has turned Virginia into a national international circus. We need to get rid of the death penalty, not for moral sakes, but for practical sakes. It’s just not that effective, efficient, practical or worth it.  

  • libra

    Richmond Academy of Medicine? How very… peculiar. Will his address be on the subject of “Your Hippocratic Oath Fully Supports Your Participation in Executions”?