Virginia Religious Leaders Unite Against McDonnell’s Liquor Plan


    Gotta love this:

    The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy is leading a coalition and a petition drive in opposition to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s plan to privatize the state’s liquor stores.


    The coalition, called Your Values, Your Voice, includes the Baptist General Association of Virginia, an umbrella group affiliated with more than 1,400 Virginia churches.

    Uh, last I checked, that’s also known as “Bob McDonnell’s base.” Now, they are abandoning him over his cockamamie, misguided “plan” (if we can even call it that) to let the liquor industry run wild in Virginia.  Not surprisingly, religious conservatives aren’t falling for it. Nor, from what I’m hearing, are many other people.

    All of this is making the McDonnell people a wee bit defensive and testy. For instance, check this out:

    Stacey Johnson, press secretary to McDonnell, said the coalition’s objections “have been repeatedly proven incorrect. If these groups oppose gaining a half a billion dollars for transportation without a tax increase, that’s their prerogative. But they need to answer: How do they propose to fund transportation in Virginia?”

    That’s right, the McDonnell administration is demanding that a coalition of Virginia religious groups come up with their own transportation plan! Is that bizarre or what?  Can anyone remember anything similar from a Republican governor, or even a Democratic governor, in recent years? Bizarre.

    • Dan Sullivan

      And their objection isn’t to gaining 500 billion dollars (a pipe dream). The Governor’s obfuscation is more than disingenuous. McDonnell should admit he doesn’t have a workable transportation plan.

    • blue bronc

      What good is a religion if you can’t have sinners come in and give money to feel better about sinning. And booze can make a lot of sin happen.

    • Peter 2010

      It’s ironic that Bob McDonnell wants Virginia’s religious leaders to come up with their own transportation plan considering the fact that McDonnell himself doesn’t have a real transportation plan. Instead, he has an ABC privatization proposal masquerading as a transportation plan. This Governor can’t add.

    • …how are we going to give people the ability to drive their cars if we don’t get them to buy more booze first??  đź™‚

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      This comment says it all: “The very notion that tripling the number of liquor stores will lead to better, safer roads offends logic.”

    • The Richmonder

      Isn’t that one of those command-ma-thingeys the Republicans want to plaster over everything?  Strange that McDonnell should forget it.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Exactly what did Bobbie McD promise those wholesale beer and wine guys in order to get $350,000 in campaign contributions??? …Just asking….

    • mechenvy

      The “do it yourself” cop-out is par for the course for too many Virginia Republicans. It is peevish and arrogant and perfectly consistent with a mindset that treats citizen input as just an annoying, legally required speed bump on the way to whatever sale their owners have told them to close. It is actually an appropriate division of labor that citizens should set general priorities and key features of policies, and then the technical experts should execute them in that spirit, efficiently and legally. But that is not what happens very often. Bob for Jobs has the one job that he said he really, really wanted. He told everyone in the Commonwealth for several months that he wanted this job. He paid a lot of money to get this job. Dear Bob: Please do your job. Creating significant and currently unknown costs (due to unintended effects, disruption, and realignment of state government) and cutting jobs in the middle of a recession by selling off stable money-making operations for a small one-time profit and theoretical future revenues claimed by arguable economic projections is a non-starter. Think of something else.