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Webb Attacks Candidate He’s Campaigning With


Rep. Tom Perriello took a tough stand to hold polluters accountable & make America more energy independent by voting for the American Clean Energy & Security (ACES) Act.

So while campaigning with Perriello, what does Sen. Jim Webb do? Attack legislation like ACES, which Webb helped kill in the Senate.

If Jim Webb doesn’t want to fight to big polluters, that’s his business. But can he at least avoid attacking Democrats who do have the guts to take a stand for clean energy? Is that too much to ask?

  • Mike1987

    Nuff Said

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Mt question for Jim Webb is this: If you don’t want cap-and-trade, what is your alternative?

  • Say What

    What strikes me most about some the commentary I’ve seen here at BlueVirginia about Webb and Cap & Trade …. is the overblown outrage and knee jerk response to what is a reasonable and debatable position.

    Tom Perriello is great … he asked for Webb to campaign for him. Webb did and will do it again for Tom. They each are their own persons. They each have informed views …. some of which they differ on. So What?!

    They are largely in sync  about caring and working for the common man & woman. Both are great Democrats …. for those of you who are offended by Webb’s comments …. Get over it.

    Democrats have much bigger problems than internal debates on Cap & Trade.

    It’s called the Economy stupid and staking energy policy on Cap & Trade is pretty useless right now. Focus on Energy jobs and leave the Wall street approach to energy policy behind.

  • Burgesses1619

    are in some respects reasonable and practical. Cap and Trade politically will not fly. There are, or were, four parts of the climate bill, and passing the two or three most agreeable parts would have been an achievable win. Maybe even a win win or a win win win. But if the composition of the House and Senate changes a lot in November, the probability of winning anything will be very close to zero.

    On the other hand, I’ve recently become more concerned about Webb’s position about the EPA. Webb is supposedly concerned about the EPA’s “overreaching authority.” Interestingly, this is the same phrase used in the Jane Meyer New Yorker article about the Koch brothers. Which leads me to wonder if Webb’s position has been influenced by one or more of the Koch and Big Oil’s lobbyists.

  • Jim Webb Dem

    Your title to this piece is well ….. Cow Pasture Fodder….

    Jim Webb is not attacking Tom Perriello whom he respects and admires. Jim is simply saying …. in a very respectful way … that while he stands (physically stands shoulder to shoulder) with Tom they don’t always hold the same views.

    Pretty firm and a powerful endorsement to me …. Jim Webb makes / takes the time to campaign for a fellow Democrat and in 20 seconds….. makes a subtle point that while they may not agree on every issue … they certainly agree and respect each other for the views they hold and both have shown a profound commitment to the welfare of Virginians and the nation at large. They are both there in Congress …. fighting for the less fortunate. They are GREAT Democrats.

    Consequently your overly sensitive inflated blog (Webb attacks fellow Democrat) post here on Blue Virginia … I find TRITE Bull$#!T!!!

    See ya around the cow pasture.