What!!? McDonnell’s Guy Wants “Cap and Trade”?


    I couldn’t believe it. As I perused my local paper this morning, I came across a short article that first appeared in the Virginian-Pilot. According to the paper, David Paylor, director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, said the “state wants to expand its use of ‘nutrient trading’ to cut pollutants damaging the [Chesapeake] Bay.”

    What? Virginia wants to use “cap-and-trade” to control pollution? Well, how ironic. What conservatives say is evil for the federal government to do regarding carbon dioxide pollution apparently is just fine for Virginia.

    According to Paylor, under such a proposal if a sewage plant wants to expand and release more nutrients into the Chesapeake Bay, it would have to find a way to offset new pollution by purchasing pollution credits from someone else. Paylor’s example had the polluter buying an offset from a farmer who had created a buffer to protect a creek from runoff. Paylor noted that legislation to allow cap-and-trade would be introduced at next year’s General Assembly.

    Right wingers regularly trash the Republican-originated, market-based pollution trading idea as just another way to add to the cost of a service. Get ready for the silence from them on this one, even though – using Paylor’s example – the cost of buying offsets would add to the cost of sewage service for the taxpayers who use it.

    You know, I just love it when hypocrites don’t even realize that they are hypocrites. Cap-and-trade works. I guess that’s why the state is now espousing it.

    • averageguy

      You’ve obviously missed the point.  At the federal level, there’s little reason to regulate a fundamental building block of life.  Especially when we need the plants to absorb the CO2 and convert it to oxygen so we can breathe. I’m sure that is lost on you, and many of the drum bangers on the left. “It’s opposed by the Republicans, it must be good, rally!”  Hogwash. Same goes for the drum bangers on the right. Just because someone in your chosen party is for it, doesn’t mean its good. Dihydrogen monoxide is far more dangerous to you or I, but only a fool would attempt to reduce its availability.

      The other side of this would be the ability of the states to self regulate within their borders, and the ease of the citizens to protest, or reach out to their officials. Again, I’m sure that point is lost as well. The 10th amendment gives the states these powers you mock. The Chesapeake Bay is not an international waterway, so it falls on the state to do what the EPA has failed for years to do, clean up the bay. While I personally believe that cap and trade systems are only going to hurt us, at least there’s a plan being discussed, what plans did Warner or Kaine put forth? Nothing. The begged the EPA to do it, and like every other useless federal entity (FEMA for example), they’ve proven how much of a waste of tax dollars they are. So, the states pick up the burden at their own expense, and carry it.

      Find a real hypocrisy to complain about, such as our “transparent” administration that has bills online for days so we can see them, after promising it. Or maybe candidates that espouse one virtue, only to prove their histories of the opposite.