Vincent Gray for Mayor of DC


    I live in Arlington, Virginia, but I have spent a high percentage of my working days in Washington, DC the past 20 years or so.  I also lived there when I first moved to the area. Plus, Arlington is right across the Potomac River from DC, and in many ways our fates are intertwined. All of which is why I care who wins the Democratic primary for mayor of DC next Tuesday.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, since I don’t reside or vote in DC, I have decided to support DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray to replace current Mayor Adrian Fenty. I’m not saying Fenty has been a terrible mayor, but I think DC can do better than it has with Fenty’s arrogant, heavy-handed, polarizing style and approach to governance (not to mention the polarizing style and approach of schools chancelor Michell Rhee). Of course, I also think that Vincent Gray is highly qualified for the job, and also that he has the right character, intelligence and temperament. But what pushed me, finally, to weigh in for Gray were two endorsements in the last day or so.

    1. Yesterday, the Washington Examiner endorsed Fenty. That, in and of itself, is just about enough for me to oppose Fenty and support Gray. If you don’t know why I’m saying that, just pick up any edition of this far-right-wing, lunatic rag. Seriously, the Washington Examiner makes the Washington Times look sane, moderate, and balanced. In sum, the Examiner’s a bunch of nutcases, so their endorsement of Fenty is not – repeat, not! – a good thing. I’m particularly appalled that the Fenty campaign is touting this lunatic, right-wing newspaper’s endorsement. That’s pathetic.

    2. The DC Sierra Club has unanimously endorsed Gray, writing that “Fenty has repeatedly disappointed with his budget, personnel, and regulatory decisions, while Gray has been the greenest Chairman ever.” That’s a huge endorsement in my book, and almost enough on its own to convince me to support Gray. In combination with the other factors mentioned above, it’s a no-brainer.

    With that, go Vincent Gray! If you live in DC or know anybody who does, urge them to vote for Gray on September 14. Thanks.

    P.S. One more Virginia connection – Mo Elleithee is Gray’s senior communications/strategist guru.

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