Can Everyone See Scott Rigell’s Hypocrisy Except Scott Rigell?


    Scott Rigell’s hypocrisy on “Cash for Clunkers” is so obvious, it barely even needs to be stated. So then, why can’t Rigell just admit that he’s a hypocrite – benefiting from a program, than criticizing Glenn Nye for voting for it! – and move on with his campaign? Right now, he’s just embarrassing himself.

    • Venu

      when they have to abandon defending their policies (which actually did a lot of good) and join the band-wagon opposing their own policies. Yes it’s hypocrisy on Rigell’s part, but the Democrats are playing into the mind-set that it’s wrong or bad for Rigell to have made a profit out of a “government bailout”; the one THEY introduced. This might help Nye in the short run; but it will also hurt Democratic policies in the long run.