“Shadowy Right-Wing Group” Buys $900,000 to Attack Gerry Connolly


    I just received an appeal from Gerry Connolly that begins, “Shortly after this email was sent from Joe Biden my campaign manager informed me that American Action Network — one of the shadowy right-wing groups empowered by the Citizens United decision — has purchased $900,000 in negative TV ads attacking me.” Here’s the email from Joe Biden; I encourage everyone to fight back against this “shadowy right-wing group”, stop them from stealing our Democracy, and prevent Keith Fimian from taking his extremist views to Congress.  Thanks.

    Being a target of the GOP and their attacks proves how effective he has been in helping President Obama and me move our country forward.

    President Obama and I need Representative Gerry Connolly in Congress more than ever. He has been a great partner in the fight to create jobs here in America and give every one of our citizens a fair shot at the American dream.

    Your gift will help him afford television and radio ads and other means to set the record straight and put out our positive message. Even a gift of just $5 could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    Contribute $5, $10 or more before Midnight Tomorrow so that Gerry Connolly will have the rapid response funds he needs before the deadline for next week’s ad buys.

    Representative Gerry Connolly needs our help in these final critical days before Election Day. Every dollar you give will help him fight back.

    Thank you.

    Joe Biden

    P.S. For more on the American Action Network, click here.

    • Paris

      Too bad they are wasting all that money on Gerry Connolly alone and not putting it into more local campaigns. They should pour big money into local campaigns to help the Democrats get rid of the clowns that are holding us back.  I mean if they want to clean up the political environment and raise the level of discourse in Virginia, I am all for it.  But hey, someone who thinks Brian Moran should not be the Democratic Chair in VA who calls himself “Jim Webb” in another post on Blue Virginia and is suggesting another Demoratic chair altogether than Jim Moran’s little brother is saving them money, isn’t he?  

      Did it occur to anyone that Mr. Schapiro  who condemned Brian Moran’s candidacy is actually Jewish?  The one who criticized Brian Moran and had his video embedded on this blog?  

      Could that possibly be the case?  The sins of the brothers are invested in each other?  Hmmmm.  Does that make me a bigot for mentioning religion and ethnic origin at all?

      You bet it doesn’t.

      I know an old Chicago saying about guys like Jim Moran that my mom taught me and you all reading this from the South Side know it, don’t you?

      About guys like Jim Moran………

      We don’t even have to reach the issue of Gerry Connolly or anybody else here.  Clean up your act, brother. Clean it up now.