SurveyUSA: Boucher 51%-Griffith 41%


    According to SurveyUSA (for what it’s worth, as I’m honestly not sure what to make of this outfit’s – or any outfit’s – polling this cycle):

    In VA-09, Democrat Boucher Remains Well Positioned for 15th Term in US House: In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District today, 10/14/10, incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher defeats Republican State House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, 51% to 41%, according to a WDBJ-TV news poll conducted by SurveyUSA. 1 in 5 Republicans cross-over to vote Democrat. Independents break for the Democrat, one of the few places in 2010 where this is the case.

    Apparently, Rick Boucher is so personally popular in the 9th CD, that even a national tsunami can’t wash him away. This one looks like a Democratic “hold” in a couple weeks from now.


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