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Standing on Principles: What Progressive Democrats Stand For


What do progressives believe in?

• Moving forward, not backward.

• The right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

• Equality before the law.

• Everyone (including the rich and corporations) paying their fair share.

• The right to a job (and protection from off-shoring) in exchange for a willingness to work.  

• Government has a role to play in solving intractable problems.

• Free public education is every American’s birthright.

• Affordable health care is a necessity, not a luxury.

• Protection of Social Security from privatization.

• Protection of water, air and other essential resources.

• Sound and honest stewardship of our economic resources and budgets.

• Protecting citizens/consumers  against corporate abuse and lack of good faith.

• Government should get out of the bedrooms and personal relationships of Americans.

• War is the last resort, not the first.

• The golden rule.

• We are our brother’s keeper.    

  • Commie!!!


  • robsmithiii

    …on just one point:

    We get slammed again and again for accepting government expansion, which makes ‘Government has a role to play in solving intractable problems’ like a soft way of saying what I’ve always seen, which has been a growing tendency to expect federal or state government to solve all problems.  Yes, some of the problems we face are too big to be addressed by natural means but are all of our problems intractable?  Further, can a growing, stagnating or receding body of Democratic voters always get behind further expansions?

  • Good government will help the average Virginian and do great things for the people of the 4th District.

  • blue bronc

    We support working men and women and the labor organizations they belong to for bargaining.