Have George Allen and Dick Black Both “passed their freshness dates?”


    Have George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen and Dick “Plastic Fetuses” Black passed their political “freshness dates?”  Bwana has some interesting thoughts.

    …Both Allen and Black are talking comeback.  Allen in 2012 in a re-match against Jim Webb, and Black in 2011 in a Virginia Senate campaign.  There is uncertainly for Black who he would run against, due to redistricting between now and then.

    Back to those questions-are they still relevant, or have they lost their gripping power like rubber retreads eventually do?

    Personally, I think they have both passed their freshness dates.  Allen’s Senate record on spending belies his record as governor, and Black’s record was made during a period when social wedge issues carried the day, and not more fundamental items like spending, defense, and general safety.  More critical is that neither seems to be able to stay away from the verbal faux pas.  It may be Black’s comparing those who backed Obama in 2008 to drunk college students, or Allen challenging the democrats in 1995 saying he would “Knock their soft teeth down their whiny throats”, or in 2006 saying “I even eat ham sandwiches” to say he was not Jewish (when Jewishness is considered by many a matter of blood on one’s mothers side…which would mean he is).

    Elected officials rise up based on the issues of a moment or an era.  Some push a philosophy…which can mean multiple issues over the years.  Others push an issue…which means the issue has to stay on the front burner or else said politico loses tread.

    In addition, neither one has created a new identity for themselves.  Any news story about Dick Black will mention plastic fetuses if given half a chance, and the same for Allen and Macaca and allegations of racism.

    Personally, I’d love to see Republicans nominate Felix Macacawitz and the crazy plastic fetus dude, as it would make Democrats’ chances of winning their elections a lot easier. It would also be highly entertaining. The only question is, are Republicans stupid enough to do that. Let’s hope so!