• Peter 2010

    Love it. Perriello is the greatest.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke
  • Pain

    I wish he was my rep, and I hope he pulls it out on Tuesday.  If anyone should be in congress, he should.

  • fuzed

    Thats national caliber. Get’em off the farm team, after Tom wins.

  • totallynext

    the best I have seen this season.

    connolly could use there ad person……

  • mydailydrunk

    He’s the reason I’m up at 5am Sunday morning to get my chores done early, so I can help GOTV at his Farmville office later this morning.

  • with the best representative in Congress, Tom Perriello!

  • va5thdistrict

    Someone like Tom who lives in a glass house he should not be throwing stones.


  • Catzmaw

    Someone should have alerted Conway’s people to this before he imploded on his “Rand Paul college days” ad.  WHEN are campaign publicists going to learn that no one wants to hear about collegiate misdeeds 30 years later?  

    This is a well-done ad with a simple, straightforward, and understandable message.  It keeps the viewer’s attention and makes its point visually, metaphorically, and audibly.  Very nice.