Hurt Calls Perriello “Obama’s Lap Dog”


    As expected, the Hurt campaign is attempting to monopolize on President Obama’s recent visit to Charlottesville. Two things stood out to me in his email (forwarded to me by GOPUSA).  First is that he chooses to call Perriello a “lap dog.”  The other thing is Hurt’s claim that “liberal special interest groups” are outspending him 6 to 1.  Does that sound right to anyone down there in the 5th District?  How much are the right-wing interest groups spending by comparison?

    SUBJECT: Cut Obama’s Lap Dog’s Leash

    Dear Fellow Conservative,

    Obama and Pelosi control Perriello to such an extent, you would think they have him on a leash.

    The most hotly contested congressional race in the nation is right here. Two different polls show the race as either a dead heat or our being ahead of my ultra-liberal Pro-Choice opponent. Obama is so worried about my being elected to Congress and bringing my Pro-Life views to Washington, that he is coming right here, to our backyard, this weekend.

    He goes on:

    Congressman Perriello is Obama’s favorite son. Obama and Pelosi will do anything to save him because they know if I win I’ll go to Washington and fight for conservative, pro-life, pro-jobs, common sense policies. In short: I will fight against the Obama/Pelosi machine and they know it.

    Outside liberal interests groups are outspending me 6-1 in this race as they pour millions of dollars into Virginia to save a man who fought for their extreme ideas when they asked him to.

    Enough is enough – let’s fight back!


    Senator Robert Hurt

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