Video: Jon Taylor on The Ed Show


    It was an interesting discussion on The Ed Show tonight, but there’s still no good explanation as to why the Cantor people were so intent on booting Jon Taylor out of the coffee shop in Louisa on Monday. Also, there’s still no good explanation of the way Mr. Taylor was treated in general.  And, of course, Eric Can’tor isn’t commenting, except to have his campaign bizarrely (“up is down,” “black is white”) accuse his Democratic opponent, Rick Waugh, of somehow fomenting the situation. Sadly, when it comes to Eric Can’tor and his fellow Republicans like Joe Miller and Rand Paul, this falls into the category of “what else is new?”

    • The Richmonder

      Everyone needs to look a little closer at the video of the attack by officer number three.

      Mr. Taylor emerges from the coffee shop under the control of two officers. He is in custody and unable to defend himself. Officer number three then runs into frame, strikes Taylor’s son in an attempt to knock the videophone out of his hand. Officer number three then proceeds to attack a defenseless Mr. Taylor. Watch the video: it’s all there.

      Who is officer number three? Is he a Republican? A Cantor supporter? Why did he overreact and attack someone who was already in custody?

      If this was football, we’d be calling this a late hit.  Because we are talking about the real world, I call it pre-meditated assault.  Officer number three had better lawyer up.

    • VADEM

      said he’s going to call Louisa cops to try and get an explanation. Good luck with that. I thought it was important to note that 300 lb. bubba cop laid right on top of Mr. Taylor when he was already down and restrained. Why?

      I asked our local democratic chair here in Fluvanna if he and the chair in Louisa co. could look in to finding Mr. Taylor a pro bono lawyer. Surely there is a progressive attorney around here who would help this man out.