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Washington Post Stoops to Printing Hate Speech


Disgusting. Quoth vicious homophobe Tony Perkins.

Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence, it too qualifies as a behavior that is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large. It is not loving to encourage someone to indulge in such activities, no matter how much sensual pleasure they may derive from them. It is more loving to help them overcome them. This is why, in the public policy arena, we will continue to oppose any policy or action that would celebrate or affirm homosexual conduct.

And so, the Washington Post hits yet another new low, following this insanity just a few days ago. What a piece of trash.

P.S. Ironically, this hate speech was printed by the Washington Post on the 12th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder.

UPDATE: In better news, “A California federal judge has issued an injunction stopping the military from enforcing its ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, which bans gays and lesbians from serving openly in uniform.”

  • somethingblue

    “a witness stand is a lonely place to lie.”

    The Washington Post, on the other hand …

  • blue bronc

    The comment section is good to read. Many of the comments were posted prior to the article being spread through the LGBT community.

    Most of the crap that Perkins uses as his “facts” come from a horrible person by the name of Paul Cameron. He creates stuff from his brown fertilizer mind, then makes up something that sounds real researchy to “support” it.  He also takes legitimate research then cuts and pastes it, with generous mixing of lies, to produce more of his crap.  The only people who use it for anything are Perkins, Dobson and similar haters.

    I have had the distinctly unpleasant experience of meeting Cameron in hearings.  I hope he got the heaves after sitting next to me and learning who I am. He was not happy learning I was not a far right nut. I guess the conservative skirt suit and American flag pin confused his pea brain. My American flag pins are made in the U.S.A., unlike the ones the far right, hate America first, people wear.