Frank Wolf Skips Out on Chamber of Commerce Debate


    As the following statement by Jeff Barnett exemplifies, Frank Wolf continues to demonstrate his contempt for his district and for democracy. What do people in the 10th CD see in this guy anyway (other than his 90%+ lockstep voting record with BONEr and Can’tor, of course)?

    Frank Wolf Dodges Another Joint Appearance

    Refuses to Attend Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Debate

    Fairfax, VA – Jeff Barnett, Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, appeared this morning in a candidate forum hosted by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce at George Mason University. Rep. Frank Wolf, Barnett’s opponent, did not attend the forum, continuing his longstanding refusal to engage in public debate.

    Frank Wolf was the only major party candidate from the three congressional districts in Northern Virginia who failed to attend the forum.

    “I am disappointed, but not surprised, that Frank Wolf has ducked another opportunity to debate our plans for the future of our District and our Country,” said Barnett. “Instead of agreeing to have an honest discussion on resolving the problems we face, Frank did the same thing he has been doing for years in Congress: he just said ‘no.'”

    “Frank Wolf’s decision to skip the Chamber of Commerce forum is an insult to the business community of Northern Virginia,” said Barnett spokesman Patrick Dorsey. “Wolf claims to support small businesses, but he won’t share his ideas with them. Even after 30 years in office, a public servant has an obligation to work with the leaders of his community. Wolf’s refusal to do so is very disappointing. It’s a clear sign that we need new leadership in the 10th District.”

    Barnett addressed the members of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the day’s events. He spoke about his plans to help small business and his vision for growing the next generation of jobs in Virginia. Barnett also promoted the value of lifelong education. “I am tremendously optimistic about the future of our economy,” Barnett said, complimenting the ingenuity and perseverance of the area’s businesses.  Barnett concluded his remarks expressing his certainty that the Country’s best days lie ahead. He thanked the Chamber of Commerce for their hospitality, and expressed his eagerness to work with the membership as a Representative in Congress.


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