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Eliot Spitzer Kicks Ken Kookinelli’s Butt


Watch as New York State’s superb former Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, kicks Virginia’s current Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli’s, butt (not to mention his ridiculous, hysterical slippery-slope argument that if we allow this, then government can do anything). It’s very enjoyable watching a real Attorney General school the Cooch, check it out!

h/t: Washington Post Virginia Politics blog

  • Teddy Goodson

    of each during this exchange. Spitzer is relaxed, in command of both himself and his material; Cuccinelli, has that fanatic’s stare pretty well under control at first, but gradually realizes he cannot run over this opponent with his usual cleverness (“See how brilliant I am? Don’t even pretend to be my equal”). “Ken” even needed help from the co-anchor, and he was glad to get it, by the way.

    I am quite sure, however, that Cuccinelli’s admirers will continue to be impressed and convinced by his arguments. Given the dumbo conservatism of today’s Supreme Court, as proven by Citizens United and other decisions, perhaps Mr. Cuccinelli has a reason to be confident of the validity of his arguments.

  • Catzmaw

    is that Dellinger would AGREE that the statute is constitutional.  Duh!

  • Shenandoah Democrat

    It’s time to really confront all this Kookiness. The Kooch feeds on the Lazy Mine Syndrome (LMS).

    see here for info on LMS:


  • The Richmonder

    Cooch looks like a clown.