Two Major Democratic Victories to Cheer Us Up!


    A couple pieces of very good news after a day or two of generally bad news.

    First, there’s this, hot off the presses:

    Sen. Patty Murray wins fourth term

    Sen. Patty Murray has been re-elected to a fourth term, riding a wave of strong Democratic support in King County to defeat Republican challenger Dino Rossi.

    Second, there’s this, from the Land of Lincoln:

    Gov. Patrick J. Quinn was declared the winner of the race for governor of Illinois by The Associated Press this afternoon.

    The victory for Mr. Quinn, a Democrat, goes against the trend of Republicans winning governorship races in many Midwestern states in this election. It came as good news for Democrats in President Obama’s home state, where Republicans captured his former Senate seat on Tuesday.

    Anyway, just a bit of good news for a change, in a sea of less-than-stellar events.

    P.S. Hopefully, we’ll win in the state I grew up in as well.  We should know tomorrow.

    • DanielK

      I think most of us realized the House was going to face major loses and it was predicted by the other side to lose the Senate. Democrats hung on and in my opinion, Harry Reid’s victory was the biggest kick in the gut to the GOP and wiped away any momentum they wanted to have 🙂 Democrats did a lot better in the Senate than many people thought! It could have been a lot worse. Senator Elect Angle anyone?  Or even worse…….Senator Elect O’Donnell.  

    • DGA Congratulates Governor Pat Quinn on Victory

      Washington, D.C. – Gov. Jack Markell, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, issued the following statement today regarding Pat Quinn’s victory in the Illinois gubernatorial election.

      “In a major victory for Democrats, Gov. Pat Quinn won election in the fifth largest state in the country. Already, he has shown true leadership by making the hard choices that will put Illinois on the right path forward. We look forward to continuing to work with Gov. Quinn over the next four years.”

      The DGA entered the Illinois governor’s race early with $2 million worth of saturation ad buys in the Chicago media market that defined Quinn’s opponent as outside the mainstream.

    • DanielK

      On Maddow, she just reported that Rep. Garjavlo in Arizona, (House Progressive Caucus Head) was declared the winner out in his race!  Small victories, small victories!  And soon Gerry will be officially called.  

    • Back then, the hits kept on coming, day after day after day.  But this time, most of the last minute races are found to be in our favor.

      This election certainly wasn’t fun, but it’s far from the worst we’ve ever had to go through.

    • Cool_Arrow

      Now it is pretty safe to say that the west coast is solidly Democratic. Even in this terrible election Washington, Oregon and California re-elected long-term Senators and it appears as though there will be a net loss of one house seat via an open seat in Washington state. 2 California Democrats are in very tight races but Jerry McNerrey and Jim Costa both appear to be able to pull it out.

      The other thing about Pat Quinn pulling this out is that means Democrats control redistricting which we didn’t in 2000. That means the 5 new Republican Representatives who won in IL on Tuesday are looking like one termers with Obama leading the ticket.  

    • libra

      third attempt at a state-wide office (the previous two were for Gov’s position, against Gregoire) and third loss. God willing and the creek don’t run… he’ll stay down this time?