Americans for Prosperity “disappointed” in Bob McDonnell


    Gotta love this, from the arch-conservative Americans for Prosperity (actually, their name should really be “Americans for Misery and Poverty”), on Bob McDonnell’s borrow-and-spend, $3 billion, transportation “plan.”

    Hopefully we will have the opportunity to get more details from the administration about the plan so that we can better inform our members.

    It is important that we properly fund transportation without increasing our unfunded liabilities. We are disappointed that Governor McDonnell would have Virginia borrow more money at a time when voters have spoken overwhelmingly against such practices.

    Virginians expect government to live within its means and it is hard to imagine borrowing more money while unfunded liabilities like the Virginia Retirement System remain in debt. Virginia should fulfill these obligations before even thinking about borrowing another penny.

    I may never say this again, so pay attention everybody: I agree with Americans for Prosperity on this subject! I guess Bob McDonnell’s like George W. Bush in that regard, a “uniter” not a “divider.”  Heh.

    • Teddy Goodson

      and I ask you, do you think the Americans for Prosperity (Misery and Poverty) would agree with you that Virginia must raise taxes in order to fund essential services, including transportation? Would you go that far?

    • Steve Vaughan

      Dems don’t want to borrow. Republicans don’t want to raise taxes. So in that case, we’re just screwed for a transportation solution, right?