George Allen Planning to “Pour Money” Into Corey Stewart Primary Opponent?


    Oh, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let this story be true!

    [George] Allen is widely expected to make another run for his former seat two years from now, but he might face some GOP opposition in the primary.  

    [Corey] Stewart, who is the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is up for reelection in 2011, a race he said those close to Allen have already warned him about.  

    They’ve already started making the threats,” said Stewart, who told The Hill that “someone senior in the Allen camp” relayed a message to his office that they intend to solicit interests to pour money into the campaign of Stewart’s challenger next year.  

    “I never back down to a threat,” said Stewart. “All that does is make me dig my heels in more.”

    A senior advisor close to the former senator said simply, “It’s not true.”

    Let’s hope it actually is true. A fight like this would be both great theater (rev up the popcorn maker!) and would hopefully damage both “Felix Macacawitz” and Mr. “Rule of Law” politically. That seems like a 100% win-win situation to me!

    • If it’s true, it is making politics VERY interesting!  And if it not true, then it is absolutely fascinating that Stewart either made it up, or believed it without checking with Allen.

      Either way, we need more popcorn!

    • Steve Vaughan

      This wouldn’t be at all surprising. The “A Team” plays hardball.

    • JimWebster

      Almost enough to make me want to move to Prince William. Not.

    • Tom

      I’m planning to vote for Corey’s GOP primary opponent (calls himself “Tito the Builder”) as the first step toward ending Corey’s political ambitions. Tito is a wealthy and very conservative builder who has no name recognition in PWC and little/no understanding of what it takes to run a county or the real issues that matter to the voters, so he might be even easier to beat in the general election than would Corey.

      But even if Tito loses Corey’s campaign funds will be fully depleted by the end of the primary campaign and he will have no access to GOP campaign funds now that they know his intention is to begin his U.S. Senate primary campaign shortly after the Nov. 2011 BOCS election. Plus, if Corey does beat back Tito’s primary challenge we can use Corey’s stupidly public comments against him during the general election campaign, including asking him if he wins re-election as chair he intends to resign that job if/when he files for the U.S. Senate race. George Maccawitz and Corey Stewart seem to be our gifts that just keep on giving.

      The 2011 PWC chair campaign will be so much fun, and all good Dems./progressives are cordially invited to participate and enjoy the fun with us.