Video: Life in “Communist Country”


    (begin snark) Remember when John McCain’s brother called Arlington and Alexandria “Communist country?” Well, it apparently was no joke. Watch this video, if you can stand seeing: forced labor camps, indoctrination facilities, a gigantic wall dividing eastern and western Arlington, armed guards everywhere, people trying desperately to live with dignity in oppressive conditions, and meager rations of thin gruel that constitute the diet of “Communist country” residents. I think we can all agree, this is no way to live, under the jackboots of Commissar “Comrade” Jay Fisette and Co-Commissar Chris Zimmerman. Please, someone help  us! (end snark)

    P.S. Not to mention the gazillion great restaurants (including some with cuisine from REAL Communist countries!), the miniscule unemployment rate, the extremely low tax rate, the high family incomes, the great public amenities, the superb schools, and the overall quality of life that’s among the best in the country. As I said, it’s horrible! 🙂

    • Peter 2010

      Thanks for posting this, Lowell. Really a nice summary of major highlights from the past year in Arlington.

    • Catzmaw

      the huge storms we had in 1996 and (I think) 1986 (the Veteran’s day twin storms – first one and then the other a couple of days later)?  Ooh, and there was also the big storm of January 1982(?) – the time the Air Florida plane went into the Potomac.  I’d agree that the ones we had this past winter were the biggest ever and the most crippling.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      So nice to see that you “commies” are surviving in Arlington, what with having to ride bikes and go to new parks and deal with all that green energy, etc.