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Giffords, Olbermann, Buchanan & The Media’s Weird Standards


Keith Olbermann donates $2,400 each to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Rep. Raul Grijalva & Senate candidate Jack Conway. He doesn’t tell his bosses. Reaction by MSNBC? OMG GET THAT MAN OFF THE AIR INDEFINITELY.

In the days immediately after aforementioned Rep. Giffords is shot point blank in the head by a crazy person, Pat Buchanan says conservatives are the targets of blood libel, a pogrom & a lynch mob. Apparent reaction from his newspaper syndicate & MSNBC? CONTROVERSY’S GREAT FOR RATINGS!

We’re left to conclude that according to today’s media code of ethics, making a legal donation to Rep. Giffords is worse than stoking the fires of hate & violence after an assassination attempt on her.

I’m not saying Olbermann didn’t deserve to be punished for violating policy. But there seems to be some … well, disparity here.  

  • like Pat Buchanan is treated as a serious commentator says all you need to know about the corporate media. They have no morality or ethics, just the almighty $$$$$$$$$$.

  • kindler

    There’s a line in “1984” where he says that you can break the big rules as long as you keep the little ones.  So, it’s easy to go after someone who violates a written policy, even if it’s something petty, but harder to nail someone for violating a much greater principle.  

    Follow the rules of society on the superficial level and you can get away with utterly violating all the principles upon which that society is based.  Unless we successfully call the SOBs out for all they do to sour our democratic space — so keep it up!

  • Mike1987

    News shows, newspapers, virtually all news outlets are owned by corporations with only one interest – ROI, return on investment. That which creates ratings, regardless of integrity or honesty is allowed. Keith was never in jeopardy of losing his job because he is still the main financial draw for MSNBC. Washington Post’s main income is for profit “schools”, not news or journalism. I don’t know what the answer is, but it won’t be found at WAPO, LA Times, Fox or MSNBC. Pat is allowed on the air because he’s an acceptable racist. Not too in your face. Pat’s smart enough to not go too far off the reservation either.