Is the RNC Chair Election More “democratic” than the DPVA’s?


    I’m watching the RNC chairman election on CSPAN, and it’s currently on Round #4, with 85 votes required to win. Currently, it’s Reince Priebus 54, Michael Steele 33, Ann Wagner 32, Maria Cino 28, and Saul Anuzis 21. This could go on a while.

    Anyway, I was watching this and all of a sudden I started comparing the RNC chair election with the DPVA chair election a few weeks ago. The contrasts couldn’t be more glaring in two major ways. First, the RNC has 5 candidates for chair, whereas the DPVA only had 2 candidates — one of whom was the overwhelming favorite — after a number of other candidates apparently were…uh, “persuaded”…to drop out. Which is more “democratic?” I’ll let you decide.

    Second, we get to the election itself. In the RNC case, the votes are being read out loud, broadcast by CPSAN, after each round. Overall, it seems to be a very open process. In the DPVA case, we have no idea what the actual results were (although my understanding is that Brian Moran won easily). Again, a major contrast.

    Finally, unlike the DPVA, which held an auction in the middle of its election for chair, the RNC appears to be focused 100% on its main job: electing a new chair. How hard is that?

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get attacked for pointing this out, but it really just jumped right out at me so I thought I’d share it. Have at it in the comments section! 🙂

    UPDATE: Chairman of Virginia Association of Democratic Chairs Gene Magruder makes an excellent point:

    I have been watching and they all seem to be one color – white – i have seen Steele and one other black, no latino’s , mexicans- so from that standpoint of democracy accepting all people they are so far from being like the Democrats it’s incredible. I know you might be speaking form a strictly voting position, but I was looking for a humanity position and have not seen it on TV from the repugs…

    That’s exactly right about the racial/ethnic diversity in the DPVA, and the lack thereof in the RNC. In this post, I was strictly speaking about the process leading up to the DPVA chair election and the voting itself.

    UPDATE 3:41 pm: After the 4th round of voting, it’s now Priebus 58, Cino 29, Steele 28, Wagner 28, Anuzis 24.

    UPDATE 3:57 pm: Michael Steele just stepped aside. We’ll miss ya, Mr. Steele!

    UPDATE 4:17 pm: After 5 rounds of voting, it’s now Priebus 67, Cino 40, Anuzis 32, Wagner 28.

    UPDATE 4:49 pm: After 6 rounds of voting, it’s now Priebus 80 (just 5 votes away from victory), Anuzis 37, Cino 34, Wagner 17. This looks like it will end in the next round, most likely, with a Priebus victory.

    UPDATE 4:59 pm: Ann Wagner drops out. What really strikes me here is how the only thing these people seem to care about is “beating Barack Obama in 2012.” Also, do they really believe our country’s in such horrible shape, is totally on the wrong course, is going down the tubes, etc? If so, maybe they should be renamed the “Negativity Party?”

    UPDATE 5:18 pm: Reince Priebus (pronounce THAT! lol) is the new RNC Chair, having one over the top (in both senses of the phrase) with 97 votes. I’m just bummed that the era of Michael Steele is over. 🙁  On the other hand, this being the Republicans and all that, everyone can now go off to a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub to celebrate! LOL

    • notlarrysabato

      Keep your blogging away from the DPVA women’s caucus and their gift bags.

    • Dan Sullivan

      The writing is on the wall.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Reince Priebus 58 (+6)

      Maria Cino 29 (-1 )

      Michael Steele 28 (-9 )

      Ann Wagner 28 (+1 )

      Saul Anuzis 24 (+2 )

      1 write-in disallowed

    • Dan Sullivan

      Who is he? Currently the Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP. He is not universally adored. There is an association with the Barbours and he is alleged to be a fast track option for Haley’s 2012 Presidential bid.

      Sorry Bob, there’ll be time for more jobs.  

    • Dan Sullivan

      Reported last week, Boehner has not officially endorsed, but has actively sought support for her.

      Who is she? A Bush adminsitration veteran.

    • Steve Vaughan

      For those of  use following it here rather than on TV….how do you pronounce that?

    • kindler

      If Democrats are not going to serve as the gold standard for democracy, then we ought to change the name of the party.  

    • VADEM

      all know it is the DEMOCRAT party.

      And I want to know why the DPVA can’t hire a free lance web designer to put up a decent website. You know, a REAL, creative, hip and liberal site. And then update it DAILY. And edit it for correct content, grammar, typos. I’m sure there are plenty of unemployed web designers who would love a project like this. Cost about $1000.00 or so.

      What we have now is lame, to say the least and embarrassng.

      And we need a box that says REPUBLICAN LIE OF THE DAY (or week or month), updated as necessary. We need to show a little gumption here.