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New Marist Poll Has Great News for Obama, Health Care Reform!


Now these are the kind of poll results I like to see! Key findings of the just-released Marist poll (polling conducted 1/6-1/10, prior to Obama’s extremely well-received speech in Arizona the other day):

*Barack Obama cruises to reelection over several key GOP rivals for 2012: 56%-30% over Sarah Palin; 51%-38% over Mitt Romney; 50%-38% over Mike Huckabee

*By a 53%-40% margin, registered voters have a “favorable impression” of Barack Obama. Among Democrats it’s 85%-9%, among Independents it’s 53%-42%, and among Republicans it’s 14%-76%.

*Registered voters approve of Obama’s job performance by a 48%-43% margin, including 44%-44% among independents. The only group that’s negative towards Obama is Republicans and their Tea Party subsidiary.

*Except for the South, Obama is popular in all regions of the country (50%-38% in the Northeast, 52%-41% in the Midwest, 49%-39% in the West).

*By a huge, 61%-21% margin, registered voters think that President Obama will do a better job in his next two years in office than he did in the first two years.

*”For the first time since December of 2009, a majority of Americans do not think the country is moving in the wrong direction. That’s a major improvement in the “right track/wrong track” numbers over the past few months, which is to be expected to continue as the economy continues to improve.

*By an overwhelming, 71%-23% margin, registered voters believe that Republicans in Congress “should compromise with Democrats and President Obama to get things done.” At the same time, by a 52%-36% margin, registered voters don’t believe Republicans will compromise. This should be interesting. 🙂

*Finally, on health care reform, it’s great to see a poll that doesn’t just give people two, black-and-white, simplistic options. The Marist poll, in contrast, gives people four options. The results? 14% say “Let it stand”; 35% say “Change it so it does more”; 13% say “Change it so it does less”; and 30% say “Repeal it completely.” That’s right, only 30% want to “repeal it completely,” while more (35%) want it to do more than it does now. Overall, 49% want to leave it alone or have it do more, while just 43% want to repeal it completely or change it so it does less. And more registered voters want it to do more than to repeal it completely. Are you listening, McConnell/Can’tor/BONEr et al?

P.S. Speaking of health care, Ezra Klein explains why Republicans are simply wrong and/or lying when they say that health care reform is “job killing.” Of course, we already know they’re wrong and/or lying when they say it increases the deficit; in fact, they’ve got it completely backwards, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

  • aznew

    via Think Progress, see this constituent challenge his newly-elected Congressman, Jim Renacci (OH), over the repeal of health care.

    This gentleman is reasonable and respectful, in comparison to the rude and clearly staged buffoonery of the Summer of 2009.

    His arguments are pretty persuasive, and quite outside of the polling cited above, demonstrates why the GOP’s efforts to placate the Tea Party may ultimately backfire on them, notwithstanding the temporary electoral success of 2010.

    You’ve said you want to repeal the health care law and replace it. There’s a lot of things that took effect that help seniors. Once you repeal it, what happens to all that? And what are you going to replace it? Why don’t you make a replacement plan before you repeal it so we can look at it?



  • Charles Stanton

    There wasn’t a young person there with health issues able to maintain care to follow up, I am 21 and suffer from _______, why do you want to take away the vital care I need and receive through reform that allows me to live and fight my ________.