Robert Hurt: Inarticulate Hypocrite, As Always


    Was going from Tom Perriello to Robert Hurt the biggest downgrade – intellectually and in every other way – in the history of Congress? Watch this video, and other videos featuring the wit and wisdom (aka, inarticulate hypocrisy, or is it hypocritical inarticulateness?) of Hurt, then compare to Perriello and decide for yourself. It’s got to be “up there” n the list.

    • aznew

      He has a sense of entitlement to something (health care) provided by the government that he would use his power to deny to the very citizens he purports to represent.

      Fortunately, the many citizens in the Fifth CD unable to afford healthcare, but still not able to qualify for government assistance for one reason or another, can comfort themselves knowing that Robert Hurt will be well cared for.

    • Cool_Arrow

      This guy is an empty suit. I have no problem with all members of Congress and especially their staff taking employee health care benefits in the event that they are treated like all other federal employees. However, they lose all credibility when they continue to rail against government provided health care. News flash – the Government is your employer!!

      The messaging on this is good but where the heck was this months ago during the campaign season?!

    • pontoon

      to see Robert Hurt in Congress.  When we lost the November election, we lost a great representative in Tom Perriello.  It seems people will always elect the person who will HURT them the most.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Robert Hurt was supported by big money in the 5th for one reason in particular – to work as hard as he can to get uranium mining on land owned by big money in the district, as well as big money outside of the district. Tom Perriello wasn’t owned by the big boys while he was in office, so the result is Robert Hurt, who can follow Virgil Good’s example as an uninformed, inarticulate empty suit who represents those with big bucks. Sad…