The Costs of Repealing the Affordable Care Act


    This is what Republicans will do if they have their way on the Affordable Care Act, increasing premiums for a family of four significantly, increasing employer costs (by about $3,000 per employee), and harm job creation (500,000-800,000 jobs per year FEWER in 2019 than WITH the law).

    As if all that’s not bad enough, the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates that only 18% of Americans want to repeal “all” of the health care law, while the remaining 82% either support the health care law as it is (45%), want to “wait and see” (17%), or only want to repeal “parts of it” (19%). Again, that’s a tiny minority (18%) who want to do what Republicans are actually trying to do right now in the House of Representatives – outright repeal the Affordable Care Act. Which makes it so utterly laughable to hear them talking about doing what “the people” want them to do. In fact, they’re doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.  

    • aznew

      So, this is a nice explanation of why the GOP talking points on HCR are full of it, but it fails to address the political problem of how many people “feel” about HCR, as opposed to what informed people “think” about it.

      So, as nice as this is, if they could get this down to two 30-second spots, one explaining premiums, and one explaining job creation/destruction issue, maybe they can make some headway with the public and save this thing from an untimely demise in 2013.