VA GOP 2011 “Smaller Government, Stronger Economy” Agenda: Where’s the Beef?


    Reading the VA GOP “Smaller Government, Stronger Economy” legislative agenda for 2011, I kept thinking of that old tag line, “Where’s the beef?” Basically, as far as I can tell, it’s a bunch of happy-sounding buzz words with absolutely no substance to them, plus a few wingnut/Tea Party “ideas” thrown in for good measure.  Let’s review:

    1. “Reform, Fiscal Responsibility and Restructuring”: This is basically the recommendations of Fred “Corrupt Nixon Jew Counter” Malek’s commission, which was a debacle, as predicted.

    2. “Opportunity At Work”: Sounds great, who wouldn’t want “opportunity at work?” But what is it, you ask?  “The Governor’s Job Creation and Economic Development Package,” of course! And what’s that, you ask? According to Lieutenant-Governor-for-life Bill Bolling, “We must do everything we can to ensure we are attracting more jobs in this area and supporting our current employers who are making advances in bio-sciences, energy technology, and communications infrastructure.” Again, “where’s the beef?” Or maybe we should use another advertising tag line, “tastes great, less filling?”

    3. “Top Jobs for the 21st Century”: This initiative apparently “will ensure more affordability and access for Virginia students to Virginia’s colleges and universities, provide financial aid for middle income families, require more year long utilization of college campuses, and provide incentives for schools to create more high demand programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.” How will it do that? No idea. Trust in Bob, Bill, Cooch, et al!

    4. “Get Virginia Moving”: This is possibly the biggest joke of all, close competitor to the Malek debacle: “The Governor’s Transportation Funding and Reform Package.” Hahahahahahahaha. I’m laughing because back in 2009, McDonnell claimed to have a plan for transportation, based on three main components, all three of which are going nowhere: offshore oil drilling revenues; liquor store privatization; tolls on I-95 and I-85. Given the demise of all three main elements in McDonnell’s transportation “funding” “plan”, where does that leave us? Stuck in traffic, pretty much as far as the eye can see. Heckuva job, Bob!

    5, 6, 7. “Property Rights,” “Repeal Amendment,” “Virginian’s Right To Work”: Now, we get into the heavy-duty political pandering to the right. First of all, since when were Virginia property rights or “right to work” endangered in any way? But just to be sure, Virginia is going to act to prevent those dastardly unions from imposing evil “Card Check” that “would eliminate the right of all Virginians to decide whether or not they want union representation.”  Thank goodness for Bob, Bill, and Cooch, protecting us from “threats” that don’t even exist, except in their own minds. Then, there’s the “repeal amendment,” Bill Howell’s attempt to take Virginia back…to pre Civil War days, apparently.

    The end result of all this? Hopefully, nothing, as the Democratic-controlled Senate kills all of it. At least, that’s the theory.

    • Dan Sullivan

      It can’t possibly be balanced. Our very own compassionate conservative has given away the farm by mortgaging the future. We need title insurance desperately.

    • Johnny Longtorso

      In an election year, with conservadems like Phil Puckett, Edd Houck, and Chuck Colgan up for tough fights? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Lowell, I agree with you on many issues, but I think this kind of post is tone deaf and lets our Richmond leadership off the hook. I am surprised you have not commented on Roz’s article Monday about what Democrats aren’t doing. The party will never get anywhere without strong leadership with a coherent strategy, vision and message.