McDonnell Got What He Bought


    Governor McDonnell revealed his often re-revised ABC privatization plan that does not privatize the liquor business. There will be time to revel in the details later, but the initiative is already being met with rolling eyes. If Governor McDonnell owned a dairy farm, he’d butcher the cows.

    Even before this latest iteration, the writing was on the wall. Here are Senator Northam (D-6th) and Delegate Lewis (D-100th) meeting with their Eastern Shore constituency last week in Cape Charles:

    “(Governor McDonnell) hired the PFM Group for $76,900. By proposing a plan that it says would bring in money upfront for the state’s underfunded road maintenance and construction budgets, and increased annual revenues, the administration hopes this latest crack at privatization will be more politically palatable.” as reported in the Richmond Times Dispatch.

    Can we get a refund?

    • robsmithiii

      refund, too.  $80k is the going rate for burying new taxes deeper in legislative language, huh?  I guess Bob should have gotten his law degree from somewhere else. šŸ˜‰

      In order to privatize, the Commonwealth is selling off the rights to do so at astronomical starting bids, making going into selling liquor the most expensive business start-up (ever?).  Really, fees in the Commonwealth for starting incorporation are on the nominal side, not something with which you fling yourself into bankruptcy.  The four year allowance for financing the purchase of this right is still no excuse.  Charging that much to conduct business would be a threat of a trend toward assuring that only the wealthy can go into business for themselves — and we shouldn’t budge on our opposition to that.  It’s not worth the idea of getting the Commonwealth “out of the business” if we can’t afford to do it without selling out to non-Virginia corporations for the windfall of the transition…and coming up short when Virginia’s small businesses cannot make the starting bids to outcompete out-of-staters.