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Enough is Enough…


Regardless of one’s political ideology, I believe that it is fair to say that informed and engaged citizens are fed up with the political games currently being played by both Democrats and Republicans. Rather than searching for solutions that are palatable to both sides and rather than having intelligent discussions on the issues, both parties and their respective talking heads and ideological bloggers lower themselves to the status of attack dogs instead of solution seekers.

I fully understand the Democratic strategy of letting the Republicans paint themselves in a corner. And I fully understand the difficulties of the Republicans trying to appease their right wing nuts and Tea Party amateurs, but I also recognize the left also has its wacko’s. Until we disregard both extremes – right and left – and listen to those whose motivation is to solve the problems, we face a governmental system that is incapable of governance and more bluntly stated – broken.

Neither side will get everything they want. Neither side will ever be 100% happy. But do we understand the meaning of compromise? Or do both sides only concentrate on protecting their political longevity? Sadly, our politicians (Jim Webb excluded) are more interested in their power, their salaries, their benefits and their retirement pensions which to the average citizen are grossly extravagant when compared to that available in both the private and government sectors.

The issues today are (1) Jobs, and (2) The Deficit. The Administration’s proposed budget cuts are laughable. And the Republican’s proposed cuts are criminal. Neither side is addressing what matters – entitlements (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) and the military.

Today, I listened to two Democratic Senatorial leaders say that Social Security is “off the table” and there was absolutely no mention of our Health System. Could it be possible that Democratic leaders are waiting for the Republicans to address Social Security and then attempt to spin it to their political benefit?  And we know that Republicans are spinning that Democrats are unwilling to make the difficult cuts.

It is time for all Americans to say enough is enough. While I recognize that Blue Virginia concentrates on our Commonwealth and while I recognize that it will be impossible to get everyone to agree on the specifics of proposed solutions, it would be a refreshing departure from the status quo if Blue Virginia’s readership would address and formulate reasonable solutions to the problems we face as a nation. Perhaps Blue Virginia’s administrator could take the lead. Perhaps proposed solutions could be polled. Wouldn’t it be gratifying if thousands of Blue Virginia’s readers come together and agree on solutions to the significant problems we face? If we were to be successful in this endeavor, perhaps other blogs – both left and right – would become involved. If our cowardly politicians refuse to address the issues in a manner that leads to compromise and potential success, then perhaps they will listen to “grass roots” solutions. Difficult to do – it sure is, but who else will do it?  

  • about the “wackos on both sides” argument. However, I would agree with you that Democrats have been far from a “profile in courage” on dealing with the budget deficit. The major cowardly move (unless you think it’s part of some 32-level chess game or whatever) was agreeing to extend ANY of the Bush tax cuts, let alone for well-to-do people (aka, not the working class or middle class, aka FAR less than $250k per year income). That move alone added $4 TRILLION to the debt over the next 10 years. That’s practically the “ballgame” right there; all else is swamped by it. To a lesser extent, the estate tax “compromise” with the Teapublicans was also wildly irresponsible from a fiscal perspective, and again makes all other “deficit cutting” moves pale by comparison, while making the supposed “deficit cutters” look like a complete joke (if you are following this at all and understand what’s happening here).

    As for “grassroots solutions,” my view is that the American people can’t just scream slogans like “stop the spending,” when poll after poll shows that they don’t want any of their favorite programs cut (let alone taxes raised). On paper, we can solve the “budget crisis” in 10 minutes, it’s really not that hard if we do several of the following: 1) cancel the Bush tax cuts and save $4 trillion; 2) cancel all corporate welfare, such as to oil companies and agribusiness (e.g., corn-based ethanol must go!); 3) cut military spending on systems we don’t need; 4) phase out the mortgage interest deduction, starting with the wealthiest Americans; 5) move to a single-payer healthcare system, while also directly addressing the obesity epidemic – which is causing much of the disease in this country – by making health food far more affordable than junk food/sugar/soda;other crap; 6) put a tax on carbon; 7) end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; 8) raise payroll tax threshold for incomes above $106,000; 9) eliminate corporate tax loopholes; etc. Do a few of those, and you’ve solved the budget deficit/debt problem. Actually, just do #1, and you’re a good chunk of the way there. The fact that our political system can’t handle this situation makes me wonder whether we are going to merit a special case study in Paul Kennedy’s “Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.”