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Is Castration the Answer to Virginia’s Budget Problems?


I love it, Republicans don’t trust government to reform the health care system or promote clean energy, but they DO trust government to tell women what they can’t do with their own bodies, who gays and lesbians can’t love. They also, of course, trust the government with the power to execute people. And also, apparently, to castrate them. I’m sure Cooch will be on this one soon enough, talking about how this wasn’t in the constitution and all (no “cruel and unusual punishment” perhaps?). Wait, he’s too busy denying the voluminous scientific evidence behind anthropogenic global warming to care? Oh well…

  • DanielK

    But it’ll be interesting to see how Cooch runs this because if he supports it then he’ll have to answer the question of why do we need this when his office is supposedly successful in obtaining indefinite civil confinement of sex offenders and they are released from prison. We have to remember in this issue that there are sexual predators who are so violent and terrible that they can’t be released into society. Believe me, they exist and they should not be in our society.  

    In balancing the cruel and unusual punishment Cooch will argue on the side of protecting the community and not any cruel punishment against the offender.  It doesn’t take much for people to worry about the rights and feelings of the predator when a young child is raped by someone who the courts have identified as someone who will re-offend if released.  Personally, we need to simply keep them locked away forever because there really is no rehabilitating predators like those.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The fact is that rape is not about sexual desire. Rape – and child molestation – is about power over others. Castrating a rapist won’t change that person’s need for control, for brutally taking control of another human being.