Republican Budget Cut to Metro Would Decimate Northern Virginia


    Does that headline seem like a bit o’ hyperbole? Well, as Rep. Moran points out in the following press release, they’re talking about taking away the $150 million annual federal funding to the Metro system. If they do that, we can all watch as Metro collapses. Then, we can all see how well northern Virginia functions. The answer: it won’t be well at all; in fact, it would be a complete disaster. Which raises a few simple questions: 1) what’s wrong with these Republicans; 2) how can they be so wildly irresponsible; 3) when can we get these lunatics the heck OUT OF OFFICE?!?

    Republican Continuing Resolution Guts Metro Funding

    Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, today condemned the Republican spending cuts to WMATA. Announced in the proposed FY11 Continuing Resolution, the cuts would eliminate the $150 million annual federal funding to the Metro system.

    “The funding cut to WMATA will be detrimental to the system, and in turn, diminish the ability of thousands of employees to get to work,” said Moran. “Critically, these cuts will limit WMATA’s ability to fully implement the recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board. Rider safety should not be compromised in order to score political points. ”

    “This cut does not represent fiscal leadership; it demonstrates a willingness to pass the buck off to states, localities, and potentially Metro riders,” Moran continued. “The severe reductions to WMATA are just the beginning. Republicans slashed critical funding to high speed rail, Amtrak, and other necessary means of transportation all across the country.”

    The annual federal funding, matched by Virginia, DC, and Maryland, goes toward capital and preventive maintenance expenditures. In exchange for funding, the federal government receives representation on WMATA’s Board of Directors. Federal government employees comprise 40% of peak Metro ridership, including Pentagon employees and others holding positions key to national security.

    • totallynext

      we should have it embedded with a chip that shows

      your voting patterns.

      Then if you support Republicans and Libertarians when you try to use the commons (public transportation, water ways – highways and byways) that you are charged a surcharge or not allowed to because you are an idiot.

    • totallynext

      But a good percentage of ridership is from tourist visting the nation’s capital, I CAN’T STAND IT!

    • pontoon

      transit, the Republicans will gain more kudos from their oil buddies who will make more $$$, because all those folks who ride the Metro will be forced to drive their cars, which will add to the existing traffic problems in NoVa.  Republicans make such great decisions.  

    • Jim B

      I have never understood why so many in northern Va vote for republicans when the transportation system is so bad. Even when we had democratic governors not much was done because of republicans.

    • Damian Karras

      This is about creating a situation which makes it impossible for many people to keep their jobs, therefore driving employment numbers down before the next election, and putting “the communist part of Virginia” out of work. It’s also about forcing people to use cars more often, which drives oil prices and sales up. No Republican plan for the budget drops the corporate subsidies the government has been giving to their buddies for decades. They are not serious about the budget, the deficit or much of anything but making themselves and their pay masters more wealthy.