Del. David Englin Demolishes Faux “News” Wingnut on Wisconsin Situation


    Great job by David Englin, even if his Faux “News” debate sparring partner is a completely clueless, incoherent, right wingnut with absolutely nothing to say that makes any sense whatsoever. In contrast, Englin is logical, articulate, informed, reality-based, cool and collected, etc. In other words, all the things that Faux “News” and the right wing in general hates. 🙂 Nice job, Del. Englin!

    • Teddy Goodson

      by Dave Englin, but who was the stooge Professor? Speaking of talking points, the stooge seemed unable to get beyond the Walker/Koch-produced mantras and make a coherent response to Englin—- except for a wild accusation or two. Unfortunately, his mantras are all most people are hearing. Too bad Englin’s points are not automatically part of the news reports along with the mantras (for “balance,” y’know). I thought the interviewer did a reasonable job, by the way, and for once the non-rightwinger (Englin) was allowed to complete most of his sentences.

    • DanielK

      Who the hell is the idiot trying to say that this wasn’t about targeting unions?  This guy works at a university of higher education?  Is he ignorant or in complete denial?  If ANYONE says that he didn’t deliberately target unions is stupid, especially after public comments made by members of the Wisconsin GOP yesterday talking about weakening Obama’s chances of winning in 2012.  

      Definitely have to give big props to David for remaining civil during that course of that debate because I wouldn’t have been able to.  Of course, I do have to question how many Republican union members voted for this guy?  I deal with it a lot in my union who complain about issues dealing with deputy sheriffs but don’t want to hear that it is politicians in their party and who they voted for who are adamantly against their best interests.