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Virginia Progressive Groups Blast Bob McDonnell for Supporting Scott Walker


First, watch the video of Bob McDonnell on the PBS NewsHour last night. Then, after you’re done listening to that steaming pile of you-know-what, read the press release from Virginia Organizing, including quotes from the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, and others. Then, if you’re so inclined, contact Gov. McDonnell and let him know how you feel about his anti-worker attitudes.

Virginia Groups Outraged Over Governor McDonnell’s Support of Governor Walker’s Use of Nuclear Option to Suppress Workers’ Rights

Groups Condemn the Actions of Wisconsin Governor: “In the Dead of the Night, Gov. Walker Has Trampled on the Letter of the Law and Wisconsin Families at the Same Time”

Richmond-Labor and non-profit groups are outraged over Governor Bob McDonnell’s support of Governor Scott Walker’s blatant abuse of power. With support from Governor McDonnell, Governor Walker has long insisted that his attempt to undermine the collective bargaining rights of public sector workers is purely fiscal and related to balancing the state’s budget. In a stunning act to the contrary, last night Governor Walker stripped all fiscal concerns out of the Budget Adjustment Bill and held a secret vote on the anti-union provisions only. The bill passed 18-1 with no Democratic Senators present.

Despite last night’s vote potentially violating Wisconsin’s open meeting laws, Governor McDonnell has expressed his support for Governor Walker’s undemocratic and controversial vote.

“I am deeply ashamed that Governor McDonnell would support Governor Walker’s reprehensible, back door deal making. Governor McDonnell does not speak for the millions of Virginians who support the nurses, teachers and police officers of Wisconsin. Stripping collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin workers will not make a nickels worth of difference in the state budget,” said Janice “Jay”Johnson, Treasurer of Virginia Organizing. “Governor Walker was clearly lying when he said that he was only interested in balancing the budget. Governor Walker’s actions last night show he is not serious about solving Wisconsin’s budget problems and is only pursuing a political agenda.”

“Governor Walker demonstrated just how far he will go to ram through an agenda that attacks Wisconsin’s working families. We are deeply troubled that Governor McDonnell chose to applaud efforts to eliminate the rights of workers,” said Doris Crouse-Mays, President of the Virginia AFL-CIO.

“Unions stand up for workers and for environmental protections. It is no accident that the corporate interests backing Governor Walker’s attempt at union busting are also financing attacks on the US EPA and environmental protections across the country including here in Virginia,” said Glen Besa, Virginia Director for the Sierra Club.

“Governor McDonnell’s support for Walker’s disgraceful and undemocratic actions shows that he shares the same extremist ideology which is an attack on working families and the American dream everywhere.” Joe Cook of Moveon.org Virginia. “We won’t stand by as that dream is dismantled.” Moveon.org Virginia will be holding rallies in support of the Wisconsin workers statewide on Tuesday, March 15.

“Governor Walker’s actions undermined the democratic process. Governor McDonnell should be condemning, not congratulating Governor Walker,” said Tram Nguyen, Associate Director of Virginia New Majority.


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