• Teddy Goodson

    Pounding on  abortion, gay marriage, and so on may be how Republicans hope to peel off African-American and Hispanic voters, diverting attention away from their otherwise toxic brand among those demographics—- not to mention covering up their own budget failures, and their relentless attacks on the middle class.  

  • NotJohnSMosby

    From PG County and elsewhere in Maryland should be made to learn two things from their vote on gay marriage this year:

    1, Supporting civil rights does not mean just African-American rights.  It means supporting rights for Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Arabs, gays, buddhists and even athiests. It means supporting civil rights even for people you hate or for causes you find personally repugnant.  

    Supporting just the rights which help you and your particular ethnic group but not for rights for other groups because you don’t like it is amazingly ironic.  When I heard things like “I’m for this bill but it’s not in the interests of my constituents so I voted against it”, it made me wonder what the percentage of white constituents – even in New England and the West Coast – who’s interests weren’t really in civil rights legislation that was passed by largely white Representatives and Senators who represented them and signed by white Presidents because it was the right thing to do?

    2, If you stand against some forms of civil rights, then you’re going to stand with guys like Eugene Delguideo, Sideshow Bob Marshall, Dick Black and Westboro Baptist Church-type cretins.  Enjoy the picnic, I hope you like the ants.

  • blue bronc

    Although sharing or even giving of one’s precious trinkets is to be admired, occasionally it is best to keep the special one for yourself.

    He might like Uganda where his preachings would be right in line with the Ugandan far right.